Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Unique ways to use mugs

At Christmas time, we often get given mugs as presents. If you are like me, you would hardly use them as I only drink hot chocolate so hardly pick up a mug. Due to this, I thought I would put them to use but in a different way. Unique storage solutions because who doesn't love storage!

Yeah, they are great for having a cuppa in but are also great for some other things as well and this is where this post comes in.

So here are some unique ways to use you Christmas present mugs as storage...

Monday, 11 December 2017

Do I smell christmas cookies?

I blooming love candles me. They are one of life greatest things and if you are anything like me, you will have loves of them and just sit and smell their goodness.

At Christmas time, I receive sooo many candles as presents that I actually am in candle heaven! However, there is one candle I get every year [except this year, you will soon find out] and it just smells so utterly divine so I am going to share the sweet scent with you!

Get ready to smell some Christmas cookies but in candle form...

Sunday, 10 December 2017

A cold day trip to Whitby

So last week on a cold, wintery day, Ryan and I went to Whitby, one of my favourite places to visit. Due to the fact he hasn't been before [god knows how because it is wonderful], we had a lil' day trip there and well, it was a trip to remember.

Because I had a splendid time and I hope he did too, I thought I would just do a small post today, mainly photographs, on our time in the seaside town!

So here was our day trip to Whitby...

Saturday, 9 December 2017

An autumnally festive makeover

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or know me personally, then you will know how I have dyed my hair a deep darkish red. I adore dying my hair different colours, from bright pink and blue to ginger, it just makes me happy and it a way of me expressing myself.

Due to the spontaneous dying of the hair and me buying two new Makeup Revolution products [there was an offer in Superdrug okaaaay], I thought I would mess about a bit and create a little makeup look that is perfect for this beautiful season.

So here is an autumnally festive makeover...

Friday, 8 December 2017

Sweet smell of gingerbread

Doing quite well with Blogmas this year like, go me! Today's festive post is all about that delicious wintery treat but not as we know it! Who doesn't love a gingerbread man [or five], dipped in a cuppa or hot chocolate, one of the best things about Christmas.

However, this treat isn't edible, noooo, but it definitely gets in you in the mood to eat five gingerbread men and in the festive spirit. Let me introduce you to this Naughty or Spice perfume.

Get ready for the sweet smell of gingerbread...

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Royalty

A little film review for you all today and it's for the Netflix original festive film, A Christmas Prince. Stepping away from the traditional Christmas films like The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone etc, I do love finding and watching random festive films whilst flicking through the tv channels and on Netflix.

Because of this, I found A Christmas Prince and well, of course I watched it and actually quite liked it so I thought I would do a film review for you all for your next Blogmas post!

So get ready for some Christmas royalty...

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Globetrotters| North Pole

It has been a while since I have first published one of these posts. What was suppose to be a monthly series, where I pick a place randomly on my pink and silver globe and tell you all a bit about it, has took a back seat for a few months now. My bad!

However, I am determined to get things up and running again with my Globetrotters series so here we are. First up we had Jiamusi, a city in China and now we are going to explore Santa's hometown, the North Pole. It is just a small, quick post as I am busy today!

So get that backpack packed and ready to go as we are off to the North Pole...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Even though Halloween is my day of the year, I do love Christmas. A lot. I, for one, love the sound of freshly layered snow when you walk on it, houses covered in a white blanket and snuggled on the sofa watching Christmas films, cannot beat it!

Due to this, here are five reasons I adore about the festive period! Grab your hot chocolate, put on them cosy fairy lights and snuggle into a wintery blanket as we are about to feel festive as.

Here is why it's the most wonderful time of year...

Monday, 4 December 2017

A spell bounding Christmas

A quick Blogmas post today and it comes in the form of a fabulous spell bounding gift for those Harry Potter fans! Also sorry it is late up but better late than never right?!

Now, I am a sucker for fairy lights, I have loads in my bedroom alone and when I actually get my own house, it will be filled with them! From normal clear lights to pineapple, bat and Christmas tree fairy lights, these Harry Potter ones are definitely my favourite!

Get ready for a spell bounding Christmas...

Sunday, 3 December 2017

A berry merry Christmas lippy

Another Blogmas post today and it comes in the form of a lipstick Mrs Claus would wear herself. We associated red as the colour of Christmas for obvious reasons but when it comes to have red lips, I am there. I adore red lippy all year round to be honest.

However the festive period is always the time to wear the bold colour and here is one that will definitely do the job.

Let us have a berry merry Christmas...

Saturday, 2 December 2017

A festive bedroom makeover

One of the things I love about this time of year is decorating. Baubles on the Christmas tree, putting tinsel everywhere and getting them sentimental festive ornaments out, I absolutely adore decorating the house, especially my bedroom, like Santa's Grotto.

Because of this, I thought I would do a lil' wintery bedroom tour, showing how I decorate my room during this snowy period! Now, this will be photo based but now, it's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So get ready to get into the festive spirit with this bedroom makeover...

Friday, 1 December 2017

Belle of the Ball

Hi, I am Caroline and I am a Beauty and the Beast-aholic. Another day, another post surrounding my favourite Disney film because who doesn't love a bit of BATB on an autumnal day. To kick off Blogmas, this post is going to show you part of the marvellous Primark range where Belle's film is centre stage, making fab Christmas presents!

I feel so lucky to have found so many in their amazing limited edition collection so I thought I would share my love for the affordable products.

From adorable homeware to accessories and an actual adult size costume [FINALLY], all I need now is the cute Cogsworth clock and Lumiere tea light holder and I am done! These are adorable items and are perfect Christmas gifts for Disney lovers and won't break the bank so it is a win win!

So get ready to be the Belle of the ball this Christmas...

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Putting things in perspective

So on Friday, I was involved in a car crash. Long story short, my boyfriend and I were on our way to town, waiting to get into the car park which was full [it was Black Friday], we decided to try another car park and when just as he was turning the car around, a bus crashed into us, on his side. That's the simple, less complicated version.

After the initial what the hell has just happened, making sure we were both alright and sorting everything out, it suddenly hit me how lucky we actually were to leave with a few cuts and some soreness. That made me think about everything I have and don't have, highlighting what really matters in life.

It made me put things into perspective...

Sunday, 26 November 2017

On a cold chilly night

With the nights coming in thick and fast, the leaves falling gently to the floor and the heating on full blast, Autumn is definitely one for long, cosy nights in, with a big hot chocolate and you snuggled into your favourite blanket. They will always be my favourite kinda days.

[I took this photo in August and I am still so proud of it]
Because of this, today's post will give you a couple of ideas on what to do when the daytime is over and night time has arrived.

So on a cold chilly night, you could be...

Thursday, 23 November 2017

What happened to blogging

Ok so this is a bit of a rant post but I feel like I needed to write this out. I started blogging in June 2014, all those many moons ago, and the blogging world has changed. For the worse. I get that it was bound to change and that everyone has there own opinions about it but these are mine and I am expressing them, yours maybe the same or differ.

I don't want to be all doom and gloom in this post as I am a positive person and try to keep my blog away from negative energy. However, I feel like it is time to say what has happened to blogging and why is it like it is now. Like the leaves in Autumn, blogging has changed.

To make it easier and possibly shorter [so I don't rant on for too long], I will bullet point all the points as I don't want to waffle on.

So let me answer that all important question...

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Do not disturb, I am reading

Over the past couple of weeks, I have gotten back into reading. There is something so satisfying about picking up a book, turning the crisp pages over, the fresh smell of the pages and then finishing it and wanting to read it all over again.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks back and I received a book as a present and bought a couple more with some money I got given. I finished the one I received and currently reading one of the two I bought with the money. However it got me thinking about the books I have read in my 23 years of existing.

From childhood favourites like The Hungry Caterpillar, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit and The Worst Witch to books that I haven't been able to put down during my late teens/early adult years, here are four books I definitely would recommend picking up!

So get reading to binge read these...

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Perfume delights

A sweet smelling post for you all today and it comes in the form of these three perfumes. I don't know about you but I am a sucker for perfumes that come in a cute bottle. The small the better as well as I take mine to work so can't be carrying around a big perfume bottle.

Anyway, because these three come at a bargain price [I mean you could probably already guess what the price friendly shop since I buy everything from there] and they are small [they last a long time though], I thought I would write a post about them, including a little review on their tasty smells.

So get ready for some perfume delights...

Thursday, 16 November 2017

You gotta love storage

Another storage post today because who doesn't love storage! I know I certainly do! Everyone needs a place to put things and I am definitely one of those people who needs a lot of space. I am such a hoarder, oops!

Due to a layout change of my bedroom, I had to come up with quick storage to put all of my things left over but I did it and here I am, sharing this with you all.

So here are three things to put things for all you storage lovers...

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Five things I have been loving recently

A smallish post for a cold, autumnal Tuesday, all about things I have been loving recently! Now I love a lot of things, and I mean a lot of things, but here are five that have caught me eye in the past couple of weeks and I thought I would share them with you.

From my favourite book I finally got the book of [I will explain], the most adorable teapot I ever did see to two enchanting plush toys and a jumper perfect for a Autumn/Winter, it is all here.

So feast your eyes on these beauties...

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Dear Dad

Haven't done one of these posts in a while. Haven't published a post in a while, oops! I thought it was about time I did another. This time it is a letter to my dad, which is going to be a hard one, I can tell you know.

The reason why I love writing this style of post as it makes me 1) have to express everything that I feel, no hiding, no holding back, just everything written down on a space where I feel 100% comfortable. 2) it means I can say my piece, let go and move on. 3) it's just a really good way to say stuff. Again, this is gonna be a long one and there is some swearing in this so apologies.

So without further ado, here is the latest letter...

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Blogger Recognition Award

I love doing blogging tags for a couple of reasons! They are great if you are struggling to create content and most importantly, you learn more about the blogger behind the website, which I am all about!

A huge thank you to the lovely Melina, from the fab I've Found Waldo blog, for nominating me to do this Blogger Recognition Award!

Without further ado, let us begin...

Thursday, 2 November 2017

A little Disney haul

A little Disney haul for you on this autumnal Thursday. Before I get on with this post, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Whether it was on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, I definitely felt the love so thank you all so much, I had a wonderful day!

On with today's post and I am sooooo excited for this because Disney is love, Disney is life. There is a mixture of home things, clothing and an adorable toy I got for my birthday!

So get ready to fangirl with me over this Disney haul...

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy birthday to me... Kinda

So tomorrow marks my 23rd year on this planet and well, I feel old. Not old old but just old. Due to the fact that it is my birthday tomorrow, I thought I would do a little post today to celebrate. Instead of the usual what I have learnt or 23 facts about many and so on, I thought I would just do a mixture of 23 things.

What I have learnt, some of my favourite quotes, some random facts that you may or may not know already, I just thought it would be a fun why for me to reflect on my 23 years and for you to get to know me a bit better!

So happy birthday to me... Kinda...

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Be Our Guest purse collection

If you follow me on any social media, know me personally or have been reading my blog for a while, you will know how much I utterly adore Beauty and the Beast. The much loved Disney film is one of my favourites ever and when Primark announced it was bringing out a funky range to celebrate the latest live version film, I was buzzzzzzzzzing!

Amongst the duvet set, throw, Chip mug [finally] and some adorable tops, I managed to get me hands on all of the pretty must have coin purses. I have done a small post on these beauties before when I had three of them but now I can finally say I have all of the five purses and I couldn't be happier! Due to this, I thought I would share them with you all to gaze upon their awesomeness!

Get ready to feast your eyes on these beauties...

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Bone appetite, Frankenstein

First things first, sorry for the lack of posts these past few days, just been super busy! But with Halloween just a matter of days away [wooooooooooooooo], it is time to get that broomstick outta the closet, bandage up your body and to sharpen them fangs ready for some tasty food.

Due to Halloween being my favourite day of the year, I have done a little blog series to celebrate it. First we had a hauntingly dead makeup look, then some nail biting claws and now, a spooky treat to sink your fangs into. These easy to make Frankenstein marshmallow crispies!

These are perfect for a scary Halloween party or as a delicious treat whilst watching horror films [or kids Halloween films in my case] and snuggled into a blanket!

So bone appetite, Frankenstein...

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Nail biting claws

With my favourite day of the year just around the corner, I thought I would continue my little Halloween series on my blog today. First we had a hauntingly dead makeup look and now we have some nail biting claws to show off to our fellow monsters!

I love painting my nails, there is something so relaxing and therapeutic doing them. Due to this and the fact that Halloween is in 2 weeks [anyone else proper buzzing with excitement], here are five easy and simple nail designs for the spooky day.

Getting ready to have some nail biting claws...

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Oh Mickey, you're so fine

It's so bad  you blow my mind, hey Mickey! Now that I have got that off me chest, on with today's post! As you can probably tell, it is about Mickey, no not the Mickey from that Cyndi Lauper song but a famous mouse that we all know and love. Mickey Mouse of course! As well as his love, Minnie Mouse.

Primark have been absolutely, positively been nailing it on the Disney front recently, like honestly thank you Primark! Now, if you are like me and a sucker for all things Disney, then there is the place to be, especially if you love a good mug. Let me expand.

Here is why Mickey is so fine...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Four things I love about Autumn

Autumn, ahhhh my favourite season of the year. With the crisp cold air settling in, hot chocolate galore and the late dark nights, you cannot beat this time of year.

So here are my four things I love about my favourite season...

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Hauntingly Dead

First of hopefully three Halloween posts for you this October and its all about the day of the dead. In 2010, I actually visited Mexico during October half term (the last week of the month) and they celebrate the Day of The Dead on 31st Oct to 1st Nov, if I remember correctly.

It was beautiful to see the decorations but also nice to remember those who aren't with us anymore. Stepping from my usual witch costumes, this year I thought I would do something different and well, here is a traditional Day of the Dead look I have created!

It's so nice to be hauntingly dead...

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A tale as old as time bedroom

When you tell people you don't have an obsession with Beauty and the Beast but in fact, you really do and you just cannot hide this fact any more... The obsession is real!

If you are like me [obsessed fangirl] and love this Disney film then this post is for you! Since the release of the live action film, Beauty and the Beast merch has been everywhere. And I mean, every where!! But hey, I definitely am not complaining at all because I have bought some really adorable things for my bedroom and I am here to share them with you!

So get ready for a tale as old as time bedroom...

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Happy days have arrived

With Autumn well and truly upon us, it got me thinking about happy days. Autumn is my season so naturally my happy days falls here [I made an Autumnal pun there, did you see hahaha] and this year is no exception.

We often look past days that make us happy in time of sadness and overlook the memories we share with our nearest and dearest, whether it is with friends or family. Due to this, here are three days so far, that happened last week, that have made this Autumn the best yet!

However, my happy days have arrived and here they are...

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Striped culottes styled for Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The leaves are falling, a cold crisp air, Halloween, late nights and of course, the autumnal fashion. Big jumpers, fluffy socks and cosy coats, you name it, I will most likely love it!

Marks and Spencer recently had their sale on so of course I bought a couple of things, a cushion and some culottes to be precise. Obviously I cannot style a cushion in an outfit but the culottes, ohhhhh these striped beauties I can and I have! 3 times in fact!

So here is how I have styled this funky striped culottes...

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Snug as a bug in a Beauty and the Beast rug

A quick post for you today as I am off to the Metro Centre and IKEA again, yeeeeeeessssssssss!

Now, you are probably sick of reading me fangirling over Primark and their truly awesome Disney range, particularly looking at their pretty Beauty and The Beast range. However, I am back with some more goodies for you that are just perfect for this time of year! This is because 1) I want to share all their awesome products 2) If I share them now and some of you want them then you have a better chance of doing so as I bought these earlier this week.

There are only two products in this post but both are equally fabulous and comfy, making you never want to take them off or leave the house!

Are you ready to be snug as a bug in a Beauty and the Beast rug...

Thursday, 28 September 2017

I'm a notebookaholic

Hello, my name is Caroline and I am a notebookaholic. There, I said it! I, like many, am obsessed with buying pretty notebooks because you cannot have too many in your life, right?

For years, they have just been laying around my bedroom, me having no clue what to use them for, especially since graduating uni [uni was my excuse to buying them in the first place oops]. Earlier this year, I decided to finally put them to use [some, I mean some of them] [ok like four of them] and I thought I would share what I use them for on here, with sneak peaks of what's in them because why not!

Welcome to four of my notebook collection...

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Disney

Ok ok, I know this is a Christmas post but just bare with me because there is a reason as to why I am publishing this now in September.

Primark have just been nailing it recently with their Disney range. From their clothing and accessories to home and sleepwear, I want everything so when I found out that they were releasing some funky Disney baubles for the festive holidays, well, I neeeeeeeeeeded them in my life.

Due to the fact I actually managed to buy some [two for me, the other two for a friend] and because they have just been released recently, I am publishing this now in case anyone wants them, so they have a better chance of actually finding them and buying them!

Ready for a festive post in September? Yeah, me too...

Sunday, 24 September 2017

A lil' bedroom makeover

If you follow me on Twitter than you will know how a couple of weeks ago, I spent 6 whole hours in IKEA with two of my favourite people. Who doesn't love this funky furniture shop though?!

Considering I could happily spend all my money in the place, I actually did quite well during my visit there as I only had a couple of things in the trolley. That's until I got to the end of the store and saw something truly adorable, you will find out what further on in the post.

My Audrey corner as a part of my old room's layout
However, due to this funky item of furniture, I decided to change the layout of my room and well, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I thought I would give you a look around my new bedroom because why not!

Feast your eyes on this lil' adorable makeover...

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Happy 9th Birthday Clotpole

Today marks a day that made me believe in magic again. Throwback to a normal September night in 2008, BBC One was about to air a very special TV show, that would grow to be a very much loved international show. The show's name... Merlin!

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know how much this show means to me. Let me just say it got me out of a very very dark place. During it's five series and 65 amazing episodes, we went on adventures with Merlin, played by my love, Colin Morgan, and Prince [later King] Arthur, played by Bradley James!

Filled with laughter, jumps and pure happiness, here are my favourite episode from each series.

Are you ready for this magical adventure?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The bitterly sweet smell of Halloween

Halloween is my favourite day of the year, there is no doubt about it. From carving pumpkins, going trick or treating to getting dressed up and scaring friends/family, it is such a fabulous spooky day and I love it.

Ok so it might only be September still but with a month [well just over] to go until the spootaculous day, I have a small post today and it is all about making people fall in love with your deadly scent, courtesy of Primark, no less.

One should enter if one is ready for the bitterly sweet smell of Halloween...

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Moving on and growing up

Over the past couple of weeks now, certain things in my life have become that little bit clearer. My life is still an absolute mess as I have no idea what I am doing my life and what I am suppose to do with my life but that's ok.

There will always be negative energy coming from somewhere in your life, whether it is other people, social media or even from yourself, it is there. Most likely it will always be there. But it is what you do with that negative energy that makes the difference.

It all starts with moving on and growing up...

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Purses for an Enchanted Rose

If you hadn't guessed it yet with all the posts I've been publishing recently about it, I am a maaaaaaaaaassive Beauty and the Beast fan, like it is my favourite Disney film and one of my favourite films ever.

So when Primark announced they were releasing a special range of BATB items, well I died a little inside, thank youuuuuuu Primark!

Their most popular item in the collection being that adorable £5 Chip mug and even though I haven't managed to pick one up, I do have people looking for me [thanks guys!] but they have brought out some other absolute beauties. With the Mrs Potts teapot and money box and some other things in the perfect range coming out later this month/year, I did manage to pick up these three adorable purses that were definitely on the top of my list!

Cast your eyes on these beauties...

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I can hear autumnal wedding bells

Friday marked the last wedding I attended of 2017, sad sad times I know! It was such a beautiful day, filled with laughter, happiness and love and a deliciously tangy lemon tart that I could have eaten all day.

Since it was such a special occasion, I planned my outfit well in advance [and I mean WELL in advance, January this year to be precise] and because I am in love with it, I thought I would share this autumnal outfit with you all today.

Throwback to when I heard autumnal bells in a pretty outfit...

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Songs for a chilled Sunday afternoon

I don't know about you, but I find Sundays are the day for relaxing and doing nothing, ready for the week ahead. Whether you have a film marathon or bake some delicious treats or blogging [Sundays are my blogging day], whatever really, there is no doubt about me having a some music on during the day.

Due to this, I have came up with this little playlist for you to enjoy listening to, whatever you are doing. There will be a variety of bands and genres but they all have one thing in common, they are relaxing. Well, I find them relaxing but this is me we are on about haha!

So here are some songs for a chilled Sunday afternoon...

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Only good vibes here

PMA, that is my life's motto. Positive mental attitude. However, sometimes [who am I kidding, most of the time], it is hard to have a positive outlook on life.

We try to remember the people who make us laugh or the little things that make us smile, but sometimes I like to read quotes that make me appreciate all what life has to offer, both the good and the bad. Due to this, here are 10 quotations about life that pick me up when I am down.

Warning, there are only good vibes here...

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Why I love myself

Ok so the post title may make you think 'Caz, isn't that slightly big headed like calm down' but no, I do love myself. After years of hating the body and life I was in, I am starting to love my flaws/negativity and it feels amazing.

I am not a cocky person, never have and never will be, and I don't go around boasting about myself and saying 'ooo look at me', I am the complete and utter opposite to that. But I have realised how good it feels sharing achievements and celebrating them with people. Sometimes you do have to boast a little, even if it is waaaaaaaaay out of your comfort zone.

Due to this, I am here with a list of things I have achieved in my almost 23 years of existence but also why I have finally started to love myself.

And here we go...

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Gotta love a Primark Haul

I have been taking a break from blogging these past two weeks, not because I am stressed or anything, but just because I have been spending some much needed time with my family and friends. After these past two weeks, it has shown me how much I value and appreciate people I have in my life and everything they have done for me.

However, it has also shown me how huge blogging is in my life, I felt so lost without writing post ideas etc. But my blog is back (back again, guess who's back, back, tell a friend...) and I have a little Primark haul for you all because who doesn't love this high street shop!

It has a little bit of everything, from clothing and an accessory to me fangirling over some pretty funky things, you have been warned!

So get ready to treat yourself...

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A cute lil' teacup

A fashion post today and it is the best kind of outfit purely because of one thing. It involves Disney! Therefore it is the best!

Anyway, if you didn't know already, I loveeee Beauty and The Beast, it is my favourite Disney film and one of my favourite motion pictures ever. Recently, I published a fashion/fangirl post all about one of my favourite characters, the little adorable teacup Chip, and well I am back with another thing that has his cute face on!

So getting ready for some more Chip...

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Did someone say film marathon

I don't know about you guys but I love having a good old film marathon on my days off, nothing quite beats lazing on the sofa, snuggled up in a nice warm blanket and not move for hours whilst crying over fictional characters. Nothing quiet like it!

Due to this, I have came up with these films that I absolutely love and have watched sooooo many times that even god doesn't know how many! I have tried to separate the films out into a genre, to give you a bit of variety, and I have included the description on the back of the DVD so you get an outline of the films as well!

So get ready for lights, camera and action...

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Why I am SICK of blogging

Before you start to cry with utter sadness [hahahahahahaha], this blog and I ain't going anywhere, you don't get rid of me that easily guys! But honestly, I am getting sick of blogging in some aspects!

If you follow me on twitter then you will probably of seen my massive rant I did a few months ago, that wasn't supposed to be a rant but it totally was a rant about how blogging has changed for the worse recently. It has become far to focused on stats and popularity and not about the passion and the person behind the post.

For three years now, I have had this little space on the internet. I set my blog up so I could get rid of some feelings that were holding me back and I haven't looked back since! It is a part of me, whether I have it for the next 10 years or not, it will always hold a special place in my heart because of everything it has given me. From meeting incredible people and finding a passion in life to finding myself and gaining so much confidence, unfortunately things have changed in blogging.

I admit to the fact that I am sick of blogging...

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Culotte me out

First up, I apologise for that terrible pun [check me out, culotte me out], I know, it's terrible but I am rolling with it ok!

Now that that is done, on with today's post and if you haven't guessed already, it is a fashion post featuring this bad boy. The bad boy meaning them funky culottes!

My first ever pair of this fashion item and I am sooo in complete and utter love with them. From the floral pattern to the range of bold colours, I have came up with this lil' outfit because why the hell not!

So are you ready to check these beauties out...

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Life is good

Life is a beautifully odd thing isn't. You never know what is just around the corner and if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Tis a mystery but that's what makes life so thrilling.

After a lot of crappy things happening during my 22 years, life is actually starting to look up for me personally and that obviously makes me so very very happy.

Due to this overwhelming feeling of pure happiness, something I haven't experienced in my life before, I wanted to do this post to write down all of the things that are bringing a massssssssssssive smile on my face!

So prepare for a sprinkle of happiness...
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