Working in retail during Christmas

I love working in retail. I actually do! Talking to customers, making the place look tidy and spending my wages on things I don't need in the place I work in, everyday is different!

From working in Marks and Spencer last Christmas and now working in Tesco currently, it has been an eye opener for me on how different it is working in retail during the festive period than any other time of year.

So here's what its like working in retail during Christmas...

  1. We know all the lyrics to Christmas songs and know what festive tune is going to play next. We've been hearing Mariah Carey sing her heart out for the past four weeks now!
  2. Everyone is all happy and in the festive spirit until that one customer complains about something, whether it is the fact we haven't got a product in or something else. Stop ruining my happiness, okay?!
  3. Please bare with us when you are waiting in the queues. Promise we are doing our best to serve you as quickly as possible, it is a rather busy time to say the least!
  4. If it's not on the shelf or you cannot find it in store, we probably don't have it, it isn't my fault. I don't know what comes in the deliveries, I either put it out or scan it through for you at a till.
  5. Mess. Everywhere. Nope.
  6. I do honestly enjoy my job! Every day is different, Most of customers are lovely and I love talking to them and Christmas makes it that little bit more better.
And there you go, some things that have come to my attention whilst working in retail during the festive month!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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