Trust, Love and Pixie Dust

Disney is love, Disney is life and for today's Blogmas post, it is all about that magical brand. As a little gift guide type post, this will show you six Disney products perfect for princes and princess of any age. I mean, I have to say that as I am 23 so it makes me feel better about buying them for myself hahahahahah!

Most of them are from Primark since I literally only ever shop in there and their Disney range is spot on recently, however all of the products shown are spot on and wont break the bank!

So get ready for some trust, love and pixie dust this Christmas...

I adore these little LED battery operated lights. For the price of a fiver each, they are so cute and great value for money. Primark did do a bigger version of the lights but I like these ones more as they are small so won't take up much room and can be either hung on a wall or be able to stand on a desk or something. How lovely!

Ok so weird gift I know, however, these tea towels are fab if a Disney lover has recently moved to a house or something. The Be Our Guest one is embroidered with the much loved Lumiere on the bottom, with the pompom tassels, and the other has the pretty print on the full towel. For £5 for the set of two, I think it is quite a good price for what they are and like I said, if someone has recently moved, these are perfect to add a bit of Disney to the kitchen!

An enchanted rose next, that lights up! How cool is that! As a part of their Beauty and the Beast range, Primark have just been nailing it and this item is so lovely! On a desk, a windowsill, a bedside table and whatnot, the bell jar rose is such a lovely little item to showcase! It looks so lovely all lit up, all romantic and cosy!

How cute is this beast figure though, sooooooooo adorable! I love his lil' face and for the price, he is quite good quality like! His head moves a little too and he is quite a big figurine compared to the normal ones so I think it such a fab gift for those who love this film! Plus the fact he is cute as!

FINALLY got my hands on this beauty! Look how fabulous this Cogsworth clock is from Primark. My lovely boyfriend bought me him for Christmas, along with the Beast figurine, and I honestly couldn't believe how good the quality is, especially for that price. He isn't plastic, like I thought he might have been, and he actually does work! He is such a cutie and I love him so very much!

Final item in this Disney-turned-Beauty and the Beast gift guide, and it is another item from Primark's much loved and much sought after range for the film. When I first saw this Lumiere tea light holder on Instagram for the first time, I was unsure. I thought he would be plastic and cheap looking but how I was wrong. There has been mixed reviews for him but I think for the price, he is fab! I bought the tea lights from a pound shop as they aren't included but he is heavy, strong and rather adorable! For £13 overall, he is such a bargain!
Well there you go, I know I said it was a Disney gift thing but it kinda turned out into a mainly Beauty and The Beast thing, oops!
See you tomorrow
All photographs are my own


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