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Breakups. They suck a lot. In my previous post, Moving on, I said that Ryan and I are still together and working on our relationship, even though we were struggling managing with it. Well, we broke up on Tuesday 23rd July. And I'm heartbroken.
I have so many emotions and I haven't really stopped crying since and I just feel so lost. So very, very lost. Ryan was a big part of my life. During our 2 or so years of constantly talking/texting and our 22 month relationship, we went through a lot. My dad died. Ryan lost his job and then his car. I couldn't drive and couldn't afford the £18 open return to Durham. He was [and still is] working practically every day, most weeks.

Due to all the thoughts and feelings I have experienced these past 5 days, my friend had a really good idea of me writing it all down so hey, this is the post! And it's gonna be a long one.

And if you're reading this then just know this is how I'm feeling right now and I just needed to relea…

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