Hello, Hi, Hey

Remember me? No? Yeah? Well, either way, Call Me Caz is back and I am so happy about this. Now, you may be wondering where I have been for the past couple of months. Why I stopped blogging. Why I have decided to return now and what to expect from my blog. Well, this is where this post comes in. As a little reintroduction to my little space on the internet.

To make it easier for you and for me, I am just going to answer them four questions and try not to waffle on, like I normally do, but I probably will knowing me!

So without further ado, hello, hi, hey...

Where I have been?
As you will probably know already if you know me, follow me or have read my blog before, this year has been a crap one to say the least. It's just been one thing after another after another and everything that has happened has affected me in ways I didn't think it would. I've felt unimaginable pain and hurt, but true love and happiness too and it's been rather overwhelming.
Like everyone, I've had good days and bad days but mainly the latter one during these past seven months. Due to that, I decided to take a break from Call Me Caz and social media and to focus on myself.
Why I stopped blogging?
Kinda just answered this one, haven't I! Oops! Blogging has been a huge passion of mine for the past four years [I forgot about Call Me Caz's four birthday in June, nooo], and its just grown and grown and grown. It's helped me gain an unbelievable amount of confidence and I honestly don't know where I'd be without blogging.
However, with everything that was happening, I just couldn't find the time to write content and to take a million photos for the post and so, blogging took a back burner for a few months.
Why return now?
Things are still happening in my life to do with events that have happened in 2018. However, I feel like enough is enough, what will be will be, and to take every day as it comes. Because of this, I realised that why give up something that makes you happy and that you love doing.
Blogging for me isn't just about publishing a post and hoping to get views and followers etc, I couldn't care less about that, as you probably already know with my numerous tweets about it.
Blogging is a space where I can post about all my passions in life and where I can share things I wouldn't have shared ever. It's allowed me to open up and declutter all my thoughts and feelings about things that were holding me back. It's a place where I can be me and be proud to be me.
Returning to the blogging scene is scary as it is constantly changing but I am excited to see where my blog goes and where it takes me.
What to expect from my blog? 
I have got some exciting content planned up and I am so excited to share it with you all. I am going to try and do my style posts as who doesn't love looking into someone else's wardrobe!
This year has seen a rise in lifestyle posts too and I don't plan on stopping them any time soon!
My Reasons to Smile and Blogger of the Month may also return too, especially the former, so keep an eye on that space.
I've also planned some Disney related posts because Disney is love, Disney is life.
Previously I tried to publish on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's but this time I am going to get rid of that, take it easy for now, and publish whenever I takes me fancy.
So there we have it, back on the good ol' blogging bandwagon again!
Until next time
All photographs are my own
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