Sunday, 20 July 2014

Well helloooooo Summer

So summer is finally here -except for the sunny weather of course- and that means one thing, your summer closet.

This blog post will show you my must have items I am currently using/wearing, which are perfect for the summery season and in years to come.

SO here is 'Fashion| Products Perfect for Summer'...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

All you need is love

For my next post I wanted to write about something that intrigues me. Love.

Love in general is becoming more and more publicised about. You can read it in books/magazines, see it on the television, watch it in a film/play, listen to it in songs or discover it in a poem. You can pretty much find it anywhere and this is what intrigues me about it. Although you cannot physically see it, how do you feel it, when do you know you feel it and why do people fall for the concept of being in love?

So here is 'Lifestyle| All you need is love'...
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