Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Bullying Experience.

This post is really personal to me and I probably have a tear in my eye writing this but I feel like I need to write it. This is my bullying story. If you are thinking that I am publishing this for sympathy and what not then I am not. Throughout my childhood, I was bullied at school and at home.

Hearing about these teenagers, who had all of their lives to live, killing/hurting themselves due to bullying makes me really upset because they didn't deserve that. No one does. Bullying is a huge problem nowadays. With the creation of the internet, cyber-bullying has become more common. Most of the time, the bullies may not think that they are causing any harm by tweeting or messaging a person hate but they clearly don't understand how it affects some people, both mentally and physically. Although I have never been cyber-bullied, I have been bullied face to face.

So here is 'Lifestyle| My Bullying Experience'...

Friday, 20 June 2014


Sometimes I get to write for some amazing bloggers/publications or have had an unexpected shout out by a lovely blogger in one of their own posts, without me even knowing so thank you so much, therefore here is a list of them all so far...


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 Well, hello there, you lovely human being!
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My name is Caroline -nickname Caz if you hadn't guessed already- a 23 year old journalism graduate and professional fan girl.

This blog was created so I can express all things weird and wonderful about life.
I call it my anything and everything blog.
From the usual beauty, fashion, home and lifestyle to my inner fan girl or more personal things, you can find it all on here!
Some random facts about moi:
I have 60wpm in Teeline Shorthand.
I am a sucker for embroidered, floral, pale pink things!
My favourite flower is a pale pink rose.
I am obsessed with sweet potato fries!
Baking, sewing and knitting are some of my favourite things to do, just call me a little old lady!
My favourite TV show is Merlin, a BBC One fantasy drama, aka the best thing on this planet everrrrr.
The universe is a wonderful thing and it intrigues me so much.
Sunrise/sets, sound of rain and the moon/stars are some of my favourite things in life.

I was also named the Funniest Blogger on Twitter in Claire's fun Twitter Awards! Clearly it is my sweet potato fries and Disney memes obsessions that got me it hahaha

And there you have it!
So sit back, grab a cuppa and welcome to my world!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

London's Calling

 A brief outline of this post: For my university assignment, I had to write a travel feature in which I chose London. I wanted to share a section of my finished article with you because out of all of my assignments this is the highest grade I got (42/50), something in which I am extremely happy about. Another thing is that it informs you about London and all the cool things to do whilst you are there. I hope you enjoy it.


So here is 'Travel| London's Calling'...

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A new start. A new me.

It's half way through 2014 and as cliché as it sounds, I want to be healthier and more happy with my body.

So because this is my first post, I wanted to write about something in which I am currently doing, exercising and trying to lose weight.
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