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Note: I am not responsible for any consequences that may have resulted in reading this blog.  If the post is help/advice then I have written it from my own experiences of the matter. This blog and its posts are to express my life experiences so far and my passions.

If you wish to use any photographs published on this website, please ask my permission by emailing me at carolineosbel@gmail.comALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN POSTS USED ARE MY OWN UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. If they are not mine then I give the source/credit in which I found them on.
As of 24th May 2018, I have not been paid for any of my blog's posts.


Any post where  the post is a collaboration (I have not been paid for any collab posts so far as of 24.05.18) etc will be clearly marked with an *.
If you would like to would like to collab then I would love to so please feel free to have a look at my  'Contact' page for more information!
The majority of the products reviewed on this blog I have bought with my own money.
 All views are my own, honest opinion.


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Without further ado, welcome to Call Me Caz

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