Thursday, 27 July 2017

Dear future partner...

Oooooo so I have been looking forward to posting this since Valentine's Day. Why, you maybe asking. Because it is a letter to my future partner and it was on the day of loveeeeeeeee when I wrote it so this is probably going to be allll soppy, highly unlike me!

Now I wish I could take credit for coming up with post idea but I stole it form one of the most amazing bloggers I know, Meg, who blogs at Meg Rees. Now before you think/say anything, I did ask Meg if it was ok for me to do one as well as I do know some bloggers who hate it when people take their ideas etc without asking [me included], it is understandable, and being the lovely lady she is, she let me! [Thankkkkk youuuu].

So here we are...

Monday, 24 July 2017

A vintage daydream

Another day, another wedding outfit! I have four weddings [most are the receptions though] this year and one next year! Two down, three to go!

I know how much you love looking at my lovely wardrobe, don't lie, you do haha, so this outfit was what I wore for the second wedding I went to! You will already know this if you follow me on Twitter as I posted an awkward photo of myself wearing it.

Skirts make me sooooo happy, they make me feel pretty and cute and you can never have too many skirts, right?! Especially if they are vintage [inspired] or a beautiful, bold pattern, and perfect for a special occasion like a wedding do.

This is what a vintage daydream looks like...

Thursday, 20 July 2017

A year since graduating

Yesterday marked the day that one year ago I became a BA (Hons) graduate in journalism. This day is such an important one for me as I finally knew what it was like to be proud of myself. It was honestly such a perfect day, filled with a lot of cap throwing and a massive splash of pure happiness. These past 365 days have been, well, a blooming rollercoaster ride, with some very low lows but even higher highs.


Since 19th July 2016, things have be put into perspective for me and I have well and truly changed my life but also my outlook on the world and how to live.

Due to this, I wanted to share a few things with you all. Things I didn't like I would ever believe/think a year ago, never mind to type them on here.

Well, here I go...

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How Blogging changed my life

I am just rolling out the personal posts this year aren't I! But in all seriousness, I enjoy writing them [although they are so flipping hard to do] and I like reading them on other blogs. You get to know the person behind the website and realise that they aren't a robot writing a blog but a person, who may or may not be going through the same things that you are.
Since becoming a blogger, all those many moons ago now, I have gained so much confidence in myself and finally started to love me for me. This is mainly down to this blog.
Throwback to my very first blog design and name!
Random fact for you all, my blog was originally called The Adventures of Caroline and the name has been changed a total of five times... Indecisive or what! But honestly I wouldn't be the person I am today without it. Now, I wrote this post for Mind as a guest blogger a few months ago but I thought I would share it on my little space too and I have edited it a bit!
However, blogging did change my life...

Sunday, 16 July 2017

I'm going Chip mad

Beauty and The Beast is my all time favourite Disney film like it is such a fabulous film with such an important message! Anyway, Chip is one of my faves in the very much loved film and well, I am going Chip mad!

With the likes of Primark and of course the Disney Store bring out a ton of merch to celebrate the recent live action film of BATB, it makes me so happy to see all of the products I can't have hahahaha! The pain is realll.

Anyway, I did manage to get my hands on a few bits n bobs with the adorable little cup on it so I thought why not do a bit of a fangirl post and share them with you all! This will also include an adorable outfit [if I do say so myself] so expect a lot of photos in this!

Ready to get Chip mad with me...

Thursday, 13 July 2017

My bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list right?! Things we wanna do, places we wanna visit, people we wanna meet/see, bucket lists are very satisfying to have, especially ticking the things off once you have done it.

As something different on my blog today, I have came up with my bucket list, including things I have done and dusted, with many I haven't yet done!

Believe me, there are a lot of things I want to do on mine...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Bosworth Adventures, part 2

We have had part one of my Bosworth Adventures and now it is time for final part, I know it is a sad time! I have had such a blast writing these two posts but most importantly going through the many hundreds of photos and remembering the memories!

The last three days were filled with more exploring, a lot of photo taking and tea room findings because you cannot have enough cake and cute vintage interior in your life.

So here is the final part of the big ol' adventure...

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Some exci-tea-ing news!

If you didn't know already, I love tearooms! They are little spaces of pure joy, where you can find delicious cakes, a variety of tea flavours I didn't know existed and adorable teacups/teapots I want to steal for my non existent home.

And I decided to create something a little bit different than my usual posts and blog.
Drum roll please...

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Get that holographic vibe

A beauty post for you all today and we haven't had one for a while have we! But I am back with a lip kit review! I know, I know, I need to stop buying lip kits, lipsticks, and basically, any lip product but one more can't hurt the collection.

Later this month I am going to a festival and when I saw this funky holographic lip kit in Primark, I knew I had to get it for it, it just screams festival vibes! I mean how class is the purple and who doesn't love a bit of glitter!

Definitely getting that holographic vibe...

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Bosworth Adventures, part 1

Last week, from Monday 26th to Friday 30th June, I went on a little adventure down south, to Bosworth to be precise. With my suitcase packed and my camera ready and raring to get snapping, I was so excited to go on this 5 day holiday, with my mother and nanna, as I love exploring new places.

This was the first holiday I have been on where we travelled by coach, normally it is via train because it is my favourite transport. However, I would definitely go on another one as I really enjoyed going form place to place on the coach, surprisingly!

One of the places I visited, find out where later on in the post!
Due to the fact that I had such a blast over them days, I thought I would do a little journal type post on my adventure but splitting them into two parts. The first one, this post, will be on the first two days and the second part will be on the last three. I will warn you that they will be a long couple of posts, with a lot of photographs.

Without further ado, let the adventure begin...

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Dear body...

Another day, another 'Dear' style post! I am thoroughly enjoying writing these, it is such a great way to let go of all my feelings and thoughts about things and about people in my life and it is such a breathe of fresh air really.

Today's post is no different as I am letting go of my thoughts surrounding my body. I have actually had this post in my drafts for months now as I was too scared to publish it. Basically, I just wasn't ready to share it with you all. However, I recently read another Dear Body post and honestly, it gave me the courage to finally share it and well here we are!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride...
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