Dear future partner...

Oooooo so I have been looking forward to posting this since Valentine's Day. Why, you maybe asking. Because it is a letter to my future partner and it was on the day of loveeeeeeeee when I wrote it so this is probably going to be allll soppy, highly unlike me!

Now I wish I could take credit for coming up with post idea but I stole it form one of the most amazing bloggers I know, Meg, who blogs at Meg Rees. Now before you think/say anything, I did ask Meg if it was ok for me to do one as well as I do know some bloggers who hate it when people take their ideas etc without asking [me included], it is understandable, and being the lovely lady she is, she let me! [Thankkkkk youuuu].

So here we are...

Dear future partner,
First off, congrats on being with one of the most awkwardest, weirdest girls on this planet.
You need and deserve a medal. I will get you one asap, I promise!
Secondly, thank you for being there and with me, you must be one incredible guy to break down my walls and get past me trust issues that I have.
Obviously, I don't yet know how we met and how we got together at this moment in time, gotta love a mystery though! We could have met randomly in town, met through a friend, or even met through the internet but just know that I appreciate you being there for me, whatever may or may not have gone on or be going on currently or what may happen.
I know I doubt myself a lot and I'm always negative about me and my appearance and my life generally but don't feel under pressure to be all nice because this is just how I am, since the age of 10 I have been like this and unfortunately it is a part of me. But just understand that I will get through it and I will get through it more with you by my side.
Sorry if I am a bit of a sarcastic bitch as well, I am a Scorpio after all [gotta live up to our star signs haha]. It is just a defence that I use so I don't get hurt from people who I love and care most about. I have been hurt in the past by men who have been close to me and I have sooo many trust issues when it comes to the opposite sex because of that so just bare with me on the sarcastic front.
It is also me kinda flirting but either way, I hope you just roll with it!
Now to dates. I have no idea what our first date was or our first few dates for that matter but I must seriously like you [or even love you oooo] for me to even agree to go on them. And I hope we take turns as to who is paying and who decided what we do etc!

I just hope that we have done a variety of dates and not just the usual cinema and meal kinda thing. Fingers crossed, we have gone on adventures and created memories and spent hours together whilst laughing and talking and exploring.
I hope we have gone to the theatre and laughed are arses off at a funny play [or you wiping away my tears after a sad one because I am an emotional wreck] or gone to museums/galleries and looked at beautiful art. Had days in which we just sit and watch tv shows for 8 hours straight or have a film marathon [you better of watched Psycho by now otherwise I have failed you as a girlfriend and we are watching that asap]. To have gone on 5 hour walks in a park/countryside, to visit loads of different towns/villages/cities, to just of had a variety of different, fun dates.
I don't know what this post/letter thing is but all I know is that I am lucky to have you in my life and I am sorry for the sarcasm, oopsy. You love me really!

From your favourite person [hahahaha]

P.S. I hope we have stupid names for each other
So there you go, I am off to go get my future man a medal now for putting up with me!
Again thanks to Meg for letting me write my own version!
Until next time

All photographs are my own


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