My bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list right?! Things we wanna do, places we wanna visit, people we wanna meet/see, bucket lists are very satisfying to have, especially ticking the things off once you have done it.

As something different on my blog today, I have came up with my bucket list, including things I have done and dusted, with many I haven't yet done!

Believe me, there are a lot of things I want to do on mine...

The ones that are in green writing are the ones I have done, wooooooooooo!
See the Northern Lights
Travelled around Ireland
Be in a TV show audience
Go to Mexico
Visit Las Vegas
See You Me At Six live
Watch all of Audrey Hepburn's films (Almost done)
Got a small tattoo (if I am brave enough, which is no)
Go to Comic Con
Dyed my hair a bright colour
Gone on a blind date
Bungee Jump
Jump out of a plane
Learn how to burlesque dance
Go to Disneyland Paris
Meet Colin Morgan
Ride on the Flying Scotsman (I have see it in real life though)
Go to a film premiere
Ride in a hot air balloon
Gone to a speed dating event
Gone to an Olympic event
Feed a koala bear
See a penguin
See a panda
Go on a holiday with friends
Be a bridesmaid
Go and make some candy in a masterclass
Blow glass and create something out of it
Gone to a blogger event
Learn origami
Learn sign language
Graduated from university (x2)
Make soap
Attend a Pride event
Go to a festival
Get an article published
Get my photograph(s) published
Do karaoke
Made some pottery
Visited Amsterdam
Go to a Drag show
Go to a Burlesque show
See a Cirque de Soleil show
See a Wimbledon match live
Pole dancing (the fitness side of it)
Throw a surprise party for someone (main picture)
Go to an ice bar
I mean this is just a little list of a much bigger bucket list I have but honestly, it is sooooo good ticking off things and planning them!
What is one your bucket list?
Until next time

All photographs are my own

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