The Bosworth Adventures, part 2

We have had part one of my Bosworth Adventures and now it is time for final part, I know it is a sad time! I have had such a blast writing these two posts but most importantly going through the many hundreds of photos and remembering the memories!

The last three days were filled with more exploring, a lot of photo taking and tea room findings because you cannot have enough cake and cute vintage interior in your life.

So here is the final part of the big ol' adventure...

The day I was waiting for! The day to go and get lost in Warwick and Leamington Spa!
I have always wanted to go to Warwick to go and explore the castle [featured in main photo] and the BBC Merlin exhibition that was there. I say was because it isn't there anymore and now I am sad.
Anyway, with two hours in the marvellous city, I decided not to go in the castle as it wouldn't have been enough time so had a look around the town instead. And what a beautiful town it was, filled with bunting everywhere and stunning buildings, including the old 14th Century Lord Leycester hospital [third photo down]. I, for one, am a sucker for pretty buildings!

However, the best find I discovered in Warwick was this cute garden, located right next to castle itself. Don't worry, I didn't go into someone's garden unannounced to take photos! It is open to the public to come, £2.50 entry, and see the castle outside and with views like this of the castle and your garden, you wouldn't want to leave your house!

Next up was Leamington Spa and another place I haven't heard of until last week! And like Matlock, I am SO glad I do now! Roll on another cute tea room found, this time Rosie's Vintage Tearoom! This is what I want my home to look like with plates on the walls and pastel colours everywhere!

With half an hour to go before we left this pretty place, my mother and I went exploring a park, next to where the coach was parked. It was such a lovely park, with a big pond in the middle, colourful flowers, a sense garden and a glasshouse filled with lots of pretty tropical plants!

The penultimate day of the trip now and this is one for all Shakespeare's lovers out there, me included as I did enjoy learning about him in school.
Although we didn't have enough time to go in the famous writer's birthplace, I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of the back [first picture] and front [second photo] of it and how beautiful his house is!

After looking around the many streets and their many quirky shops, we headed toward seeing Shakespeare's grave [I told you this is one for his fans] in the rather pretty Holy Trinity Church. It was lovely to see how appreciated he is and how he is buried next to his wife, Anne Hathaway [not the actress].

After eating a massive scone, it was then time to head back to the coach, but without taking more photos of this splendid city, especially with the barges looking so pretty and the statute of Shakespeare!

Before we headed back to the hotel, we stopped off at a lovely little outside shopping area, with maybe ten or so shops, a café, a small park for kids. It was so cute and a lovely, relaxed way to end our second to last day!

The final day now and honestly, I didn't want to leave! For our last adventure of the coach trip, we headed to Stamford. Passing through the city of Leicester, we arrived in the town and we a pretty place it is! Bunting filling the streets and the market on, we found a lovely park to chill and relax before our long journey home. There was even a photographer photographing newly weds, it was just a perfect way to end what was a perfect 5 day holiday!

And there we have it, The Bosworth Adventures is done and dusted! I hope you have enjoyed this little series and me fangirling over a handful of quirky tea rooms!
Until next time


All photographs are my own


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