The Bosworth Adventures, part 1

Last week, from Monday 26th to Friday 30th June, I went on a little adventure down south, to Bosworth to be precise. With my suitcase packed and my camera ready and raring to get snapping, I was so excited to go on this 5 day holiday, with my mother and nanna, as I love exploring new places.

This was the first holiday I have been on where we travelled by coach, normally it is via train because it is my favourite transport. However, I would definitely go on another one as I really enjoyed going form place to place on the coach, surprisingly!

One of the places I visited, find out where later on in the post!
Due to the fact that I had such a blast over them days, I thought I would do a little journal type post on my adventure but splitting them into two parts. The first one, this post, will be on the first two days and the second part will be on the last three. I will warn you that they will be a long couple of posts, with a lot of photographs.

Without further ado, let the adventure begin...


Heading on a god knows how long coach journey down to the destination, we stopped off at Chesterfield for a couple of hours and this town was so pretty, especially as the sun was beaming down. We found a lovely church, St Mary and All Saint, with a pretty twisted spiral [they are called spires but I thought they were called spirals so its just kinda stuck like that].

However, the main find during our visit to Chesterfield was a cute, filled to the brim of things I wanted to steal [but didn't] tea house, honestly this is my house goals. And I wasn't just drooling over the interior of H&F Vintage Tearooms, don't get me started on how the sticky toffee cake was like damnnnnnnnnnn, it was proper tasty. 

Arriving at the beautiful Bosworth Hall Hotel, I was SOOOO excited to get out of the coach and go explore the place and the surroundings. Like honestly how stunning in the exterior of this old building but the surrounding village, only a five minutes walk away.

As I explored some more, there were SO many houses I wanted and I found my favourite spot in the grounds of the hotel with the cute little seating area, I have no idea what you call the metal frame, but it was so lovely just to sit on the pretty seats and listen to the water from the fountain/small lake next to it.
 It was such a perfect first day of the trip and got me even more excited for the next four days!


Tuesday saw the turn of Matlock [featured in the main picture] and Bakewell. After having a nice English breakfast [minus the meat] for, well, breakfast, I did a bit more exploring of the hotel and well, can we all appreciate the grandness of this hall and the pretty flowers like yesssssssssssss!

Anyway, we were raring to go and explore the little town of Matlock. Not going to lie, I didn't know this existed until last week but I am sooooo glad I do now because it was adorable. Amongst the  quirky shops, we found such a hidden gem in the form of interior shop Bow Boutique. However, tucked away at the back of the shop was The Snug, a lovely cafĂ©, with a pretty plate patterned wallpaper that I want everywhere in my home.
This was just outside The Snug, in a park with a beautiful flower garden type area.
Luckily a bee photobombed my photo and made it so thank you bee!
Bakewell was next on the itinerary and again, another cute town like why have I have just visited these places now!?
 Heading from the coach park, there were two bridges filled with locks on the railings, like the bridge in Paris, France, and honestly, I loved reading the locks and got emotional at the shear amount of them. It was beautiful to see.
After a look around town, we decided to was time to try out the local, famous treat. No, not a Bakewell Tart but a Bakewell Pudding instead. I know what you are thinking, 'what the hell is one of them?, and I'm not going to lie, I don't not know but I do know is that I didn't like it but how many people can say they have had a Bakewell Pudding!

Well there we have it, the first two days of my amazing trip! Sorry if it was a bit long and full of photos, there were SOOOOO many more I wanted to include but I thought this was enough! You will have to wait until next Tuesday for part two.
I know, I know, the anticipation!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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