I'm going Chip mad

Beauty and The Beast is my all time favourite Disney film like it is such a fabulous film with such an important message! Anyway, Chip is one of my faves in the very much loved film and well, I am going Chip mad!

With the likes of Primark and of course the Disney Store bring out a ton of merch to celebrate the recent live action film of BATB, it makes me so happy to see all of the products I can't have hahahaha! The pain is realll.

Anyway, I did manage to get my hands on a few bits n bobs with the adorable little cup on it so I thought why not do a bit of a fangirl post and share them with you all! This will also include an adorable outfit [if I do say so myself] so expect a lot of photos in this!

Ready to get Chip mad with me...

Basically since the Disney Store came to my local town, I have been in there every time I go shopping because Disney is love, Disney is life. Pretty sure they know me by now as well #notobsessed
I just so happened to be walking past the store a couple of months ago, trying not to go in for once, when my eyes caught onto this beauty! Look how cute Chip mug is!
Primark have been killing it on the Disney front recently and not just with their BATB products! However, the limited edition products they are bringing out are just spot on and this splendid Chip purse was one of the products I absolutely fell in love with! Look at his lil' faceeeee!
I am always losing me keys so put key rings on them in hope that I don't lose them! When I saw this Primark key ring, I was like yesssssssssss, that is coming home with me! I love how happy he looks but also the splash of glitter because you cant have too much glitter in your life!

I did tell you that Primark are just nailing it with their BATB items didn't I! Like the purse, this is one of the products I really wanted! The lovely Emily sent me a photo of this top a few weeks ago on Twitter originally and I just fell in love with it. From the simple style and the light grey colour to the embroidered Chip on the one side, it is such a cute top and with the pale pink skirt and gold sandals, this has quickly became one of my favourite outfits I have in my wardrobe!
And there we have it, I told you I was going Chip mad!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. These are so cute! I played one of the silly girls two years ago in our school version of beauty and the beast - it was so fun!!!

    // Jeani xxx


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