Monday, 31 October 2016

A little life update

First things first, Happy Halloween guys! I hope it is filled with lots of spooky terror and endless amounts of sweets that you cannot move from your bed because hey, who doesn't love free sweets?!

On with todays post now (which actually was suppose to go up yesterday but I was too busy, oops).
Life is a funny old thing isn't it? You never know what is round the corner, it is a mystery. My almost 22 years of living (my birthday is tomorrow yessssss) has seen some incredibly amazing time but also some really dark times.

From graduating twice this year, going on numerous adventures with my mum and finalllly seeing my favourite band, You Me At Six, to learning to deal with my emotions and overcoming them, this year has been a roller coaster but I wouldn't change it for the world. And recently, I have become pretty happy with how life has been treating me!

So here is 'A little life update'...

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Halloweeeeeen Spooky jellies!

For this post, I have a spooky treat for you monsters today and it comes in the form of this disgustingly great jellies! This isn't a part of my Bake and Make series, I have done both of them this month so check them out because they are both equally as spooky as this!

Originally I saw a video for this on Tastemade's website but they were fish bowls instead and they looked sooooooooooo awesome. So me being me I was like I neeeed to try these out but I will do a twist on them and make them for my favourite day of the year, 31st October.

They are so simple and so easy to do! They are perfect for if you have little monsters, if you are hosting a Halloween themed party or just want a sweet treat on the frightening day! One thing I will mention before we get started is that if these are for an event then do them the night before. Believe me the more time these creepy jellies have enough time to set, the better!!!

So here is 'Halloweeeeeen Spooky jellies!'...

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Twilight's got nothing on me

Final Halloween makeup look now and it comes in the form of a blood thirsty vampire! Read the witches look and cat tutorial here)

I swear down I am a vampire. I hate the sun, I like blood (in like tv shows and films etc haha) and bats are my favourite animal. The only thing is that I LOVEEEEEEEEEE garlic so basically I am screwed as a vampire, noooooooo!!!!

Any who, this blood curdling vampire makeup is so easy to do and doesn't take long at all so perfect if you are going out with your little monsters trick or treating or going to a monster mash!

So here is 'Halloweeeeeeen Vampire Tutorial'...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The night I finally saw You Me At Six

As I sit here on my bed typing this post out, I am thinking of a better day/night than Friday night. Of course both of my graduation comes close, days out with my mother and going to see Breakfast at Tiffanys on stage as well. But nothing, NOTHING, can beat Friday 21st October 2016.

That is the day I finally saw my favourite band, You Me At Six, for the first time.

Really happy at how good this photo turned out like yessssss
After 8 years of being a Sixer (that's the fandom name), I got to see Josh, Dan, Chris, Matt and Max perform their new and old songs and IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

Now this is going to be a photo/video based post but in years to come when I might not be blogging anymore, I will still have this post all about that amazingly perfect night. Warning the videos do contain flashing lights and all of that so please bear this in mind if you are going to watch them!

So here is 'The night I finally saw You Me At Six'...

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My top five 'ships'

Today's post is carrying on with my fangirl series. I haven't posted in one of these posts in a while and it is back with my top five ships!

A ship is when you want two characters to be together and well, you invest all of your time and energy into them and they will probably break your heart and get your right in the feels but it is so worth it to see them happy and breatheeeeee. Therefore I will be showing you my top five couples that I ship.

So here is 'My top five 'ships''...

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What's new [scary] pussy cat

First things first, after posting the 'I like me' post and saying that I have been struggling to get a job since graduating, well that's all change! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo happy to say that I have a job after I had an interview yesterday for Marks and Spencer! I AM SO EXCITED YESSSSS!

The second spooky makeup look now (read the witches one here) and it is purrrrfect for all you cat lovers out there!

Of course, many people go as cats for Halloween so because of this, here is a simple look that is easy to do!

So here is 'Halloweeeeeeen Cat Tutorial'...

Sunday, 16 October 2016

When you wish upon a Disney star

Todays post is all about the magical, superb, utterly perfect Disney. Created by Walt Disney, you have got to love a bit of Disney and well, I thought I would share my favourite things about this hugely popular brand, that everyone loves. Don't lie, you do!!!

From its very first animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, waaaaay back in 1937, to other films we all know and love (Bambi, 1942, Cinderella, 1950, Tangled, 2010, 101 Dalmatians, 1961), there have been film franchises, theme parks built and a lot of tears, plus so much more.

Talking all things Disney!
No negativity in this, just showing my love for them! Although actually, only negative thing I have to say is that I hate Frozen, it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo overrated but there, that is it!

So here is 'When you wish upon a Disney star'...

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Who knew Halloween could be so tasty

In case you hadn't have guessed it already October is my favourite month of the year... Simply because it has my favourite day of the year in it and that is Halloweeeeeeeeen! I LOVE this day, from the dressing up, scary makeup to decorating the house (yes I am 21 and still decorate my house in Halloween things) and most importantly, the free sweets! Who doesn't love free sweets!!?!?!?!!

For this month's bake in my Bake and Make series, I decided to create something so sickly sweet but something to sink your vampire fangs into, Halloween piñata biscuits!

Basically, these are spooky biscuits with a hidden surprise within them! This mouth watering recipe is from Baking Mad website and boyyyyyy, they were SO easy to do!

So here is 'Halloween Pinata Biscuits'...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I'll get you, my pretties

Ah October. Leaves are falling from the trees, big woolly jumpers are out and of course, the time we stock up on a crap load of sweets for the last day of the month. Halloween!!!!

It is my favourite day of the year, not because it is my birthday afterwards but because I love to dress up, do my makeup and eat soooooo many sweets that I cannot move from my bed.

Due to this, I will be showing you three makeup tutorials, kinda like last year, and today's one is all about them evil witches *cackles*.

So here is 'Halloweeeeeeen Witch Tutorial'...

Sunday, 9 October 2016

How to style a mustard cardi

If you follow me on any social media account (mainly Twitter and Instagram) then you will know how much I LOVE mustard coloured clothing! Like, I cannot get enough of the colour!

I am styling a mustard cardigan, a must have for any Autumn/Winter wardrobe and featuring a special appearance by my four legged friend!

So here is 'How to style a mustard cardi'...

Saturday, 8 October 2016

5 things I have learned about dogs

So today is a very special day because it my little poops, Hunter, birthday! Getting old now pup!
Hunter isn't actually my dog but my brother's fiancé's and well I love him so much from his cute fluffy ears to them sad eyes!

Due to this being such a special day then I thought instead of doing another post showing his handsomeness off, like I did last year, I thought why not do five points I have learnt by looking after him etc!

So here is 'Lifestyle| Happy 2nd Birthday Hunter, 5 things I have learned about dogs'...

Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Unique Blogger Award Tag

If there is one thing I LOVE about the blogging and it's crazily fabulous world is tags. Now I have done a couple so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I adore getting to know the person behind the blogs. Naturally that comes to me first and then I will read their little space on the internet.

Image taken from Emily's post
When I found out I was tagged by the beautiful Emily from Emily's World, I was delighted!

So here is 'The Unique Blogger Award Tag'...

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A spOOOOOOky haunted house

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh October, have I told you that you are my favourite? The leaves have finally started to change colour and fall gracefully off the trees. The big jumpers and fluffy socks are out from the back of the wardrobe on our bodies and a massive mug of hot chocolate with cream and little tiny marshmallows in my hand!

However, October holds one day that is my favourite day of the year... Halloween! I AM SO EXCITED AND I JUST CANT HIDE IT! -Cue the rest of the song-
Of course both of this month's bake and make are Halloween related and it is time for the scary (not so scary) craft section first!

These super easy ghost leaves nightmare catcher (see what I did there???) and this paper mache frightening pumpkin!

So here is 'Halloween Ghosts and Pumpkins'...

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lucy's Berry Lip You Need This Autumn!

First things first, helllllllllllllllooooooooooo October!!! Ahhhh my favourite month along with my favourite day of the year (Halloween)!

To kick start this month, I have a guest post for you today and it is from the lovely Lucy, who runs the blog Just Lucy's Life. I first met Lucy at a bloggers event but soon discovered she went to the same secondary school and sixth form as me, in the year below! A small world right?! From beauty and fashion to DIY posts and so much more, I just totally fell in love with her blog so super thrilled to have her here!

Today, Lucy has kindly wrote this beauty Autumnal inspired post about a lipstick that is to die for, I mean can we all take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous colour!

So here is 'Guest Post| Lucy's Berry Lip You Need This Autumn!'...
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