5 things I have learned about dogs

So today is a very special day because it my little poops, Hunter, birthday! Getting old now pup!
Hunter isn't actually my dog but my brother's fiancé's and well I love him so much from his cute fluffy ears to them sad eyes!

Due to this being such a special day then I thought instead of doing another post showing his handsomeness off, like I did last year, I thought why not do five points I have learnt by looking after him etc!

So here is 'Lifestyle| Happy 2nd Birthday Hunter, 5 things I have learned about dogs'...

1. If a dog sees food then they are allllll up in your face or sit right in front of you with them sad eyes telepathically saying 'feed me' to you.
2. I feel soo guilty for telling him off but I know when Hunter has done something because he falls to floor and curls up and looks right in your eyes. You don't fool me, sunshine! I'm watching you.
3. It is all about patience and time. You do have to look after them 24/7 and make sure that they are fed and watered and taken to the vets etc.  
4. It makes me really happy to see them happy. When Hunter smiles me heart just goes all mushy and no matter how old he gets, he will always be my little poop!
5. Dogs are too good for this world. They sense when you are sad or stressed and come over and comfort you. They are sooooo happy when they see you and jump up to say hi. They loves balls a lot. All of the hard work is definitely worth it!  
And there is the birthday boy in all of his glory!
See you tomorrow for my next post!
All photographs my own!


  1. He's a gorgeous looking dog. I have thing for black dogs, I wonder why lol. He reminds of my Mam's black lab George with those sorrowful eyes. I like dogs and don't. Then again Georgy a lovely dog every time, I go to my mams first thing he does is grab his lead for walks.

    1. He is, he is my little poop haha! And awwwww I love black labs! They are so cute! x


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