The night I finally saw You Me At Six

As I sit here on my bed typing this post out, I am thinking of a better day/night than Friday night. Of course both of my graduation comes close, days out with my mother and going to see Breakfast at Tiffanys on stage as well. But nothing, NOTHING, can beat Friday 21st October 2016.

That is the day I finally saw my favourite band, You Me At Six, for the first time.

Really happy at how good this photo turned out like yessssss
After 8 years of being a Sixer (that's the fandom name), I got to see Josh, Dan, Chris, Matt and Max perform their new and old songs and IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

Now this is going to be a photo/video based post but in years to come when I might not be blogging anymore, I will still have this post all about that amazingly perfect night. Warning the videos do contain flashing lights and all of that so please bear this in mind if you are going to watch them!

So here is 'The night I finally saw You Me At Six'...

Arriving at the venue, there were soooooo many people, which made me happy to see! Mandi and I got in the queue and once we were in, I bought another tee and we found our spot for the night!
Now, bands obviously have a supporting act when they go on tour and theirs was a band called Vant.
I never heard of them before they announced they were supporting YMAS but they were amazing!
Their songs were so good and about issues we have today and we both thoroughly enjoyed them playing!

Then after a quick set swop of equipment, it was time.
The time to finally see my favourite band live after waiting 8 long years aND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT BECAUSE THEY WERE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!

Have loads of photos of the best band in the world YESSSSS!
From playing their old songs like Stay with Me (which is one of my favouriteeeeeeeeees) and Underdog to their new songs of their next album, Night People, it was flipping awesome hearing everyone sing a long and jump up and down and ahhh it was an atmosphere of pure love and support for the band.
Considering the fact that I took these on my iPhone 4, which has a bad camera quality to newer phones, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy with how these have turned out!

However, because my phone is ancient now, Mandi very kindly let me borrow her phone when mine decided not to work!

Here are some of the videos I took
Plus One:
Of their Night People performance:
Well there you go. THE best night of my life!
From listening to Kiss and Tell (first ever song I heard), them following me on Twitter to meeting them in 2014 to this!
Follow Vant and You Me At Six on Twitter!
Words cannot describe my love for You Me At Six!
Until next time
ALL photos and videos are my own!!!

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