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I obsess over a lot of things. Colin Morgan, Merlin, sweet potato fries, Audrey Hepburn, You Me At Six, to name but a few. You all should know that by now. However, I have been loving these few things recently and well, I thought I would share them all with you. Spreading that love around and all that!

There is a mixture here as I thought it would be good to do a range of things and not just focus on one particular thing like makeup or clothing etc.
From an ice cream that is literally the most refreshing thing I have eaten, a band that I cannot believe I haven't listened to until now to a makeup bag that just screams childhood and a couple more other items! I cannot wait to show you them all and have a good old fangirl talk about them!

Without further ado, let the fangirling commence...

Sugar, spice and everything nice...

Where to even begin on this one like PowerPuff Girls are everythingggggggggg!
I received this amazingly awesome makeup bag from my lovely mother as an Easter present and like yasssssss mother yasssssssssssssssss!
Consisting of Blossom, Bubbles and my fave, Buttercup, the PowerPuff Girls were my childhood and recently Primark have just been killing it with childhood nostalgia including this funky makeup bag.
Like can we all take a moment to appreciate how badass they look in the print like I will be ready to kick some ass when I put me makeup on now!
Also, does anyone else remember how utterly awesome the PowerPuff Girls film was???
I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream

I blooming love ice cream, I think it is one of life's greatest pleasures!
Not going to lie, I can eat a whole tub of the delicious stuff in one sitting, like that's just how I rollllll!
Recently at work, there has been an offer on a pack of 4 Haagen-Dazs small tubs [like the ones you get at the theatre] and this Mango and Raspberry flavour was one of them and oh my gosh, it is one of the nicest ice creams I have tasted. Due to the fact that the full size tubs are also on offer [yesss Tesco, yesssssssss], I treated myself to one!
It is sooooo refreshing on the palette and honestly, I can eat this all day because the brain freeze would totally be worth it!
You are my mountain, you are my sea
Can we all take a moment to think about how stupid I am that I haven't heard this amazing Scottish band before a couple of weeks ago? Like where on earth have I been???
Thank you to YouTube for actually recommending me a band that is just incredible.
If you haven't listened to Biffy Clyro before then pleaseeeeeeeeee listen to them, I cannot stop singing their songs ever since I first clicked on their music video for 'Mountains' [one of my fave songs by them] and I haven't looked back since.
Their rocky sounds and Simon Neil just killing the vocals in every song, they have definitely become one of my favourite bands and everyone needs a bit of Biffy in their life.
Highlighter on fleeeeeeeeeeeek

Who knew you can still use highlighter when you have chubby chipmunk cheeks!
I, for one, am not complaining as I am sooooo obsessed with this Technic Get Gorgeous highlighter.
It is so pigmented and looks sooooo good on, if I do say so myself!
My friend actually bought me this as a birthday present and I was quite unsure of it at first because I don't have any cheekbones to highlight but it turns out I kinda do and I just feel like I am killing it whenever I wear this!
Stop! Police

Crime dramas are the best. Whether it is based on a true life story or a fictional storyline, I just love to sit down and watch them. And BBC One's Line of Duty is no exception.
It is a weird one to try and explain but I am going to try nonetheless.
Basically, it follows AC12 [Anti Corruption] in the police and they investigate anyone they believe is corrupt in the force. There are three main characters who have been in all four series so far, Detective Sergeant Steven David "Steve" Arnott, Detective Sergeant Kate Fleming and Superintendent Edward Gareth "Ted" Hastings and they conduct the investigation into someone different each series. They go undercover and everything!
Series 4 is currently being aired on BBC [catch up on demand here, I would watch the others before though] and honestly, I am HOOKED!!!! It is so intense and with twists and turns every time you think you know who's the criminal, bang, something happens!
'Wanna see me do a trick?'

Beauty and the Beast is my ultimate Disney film, I love it so much, and Chip is definitely one of my favourite ever Disney characters. I am not going to say anything about the new live action film because I honestly have a love/hate feeling with it.
Anyway, with the whole Primark Chipgate fiasco, I have always wanted a Chip mug and whilst I was really wanting to see if I can find one in Primark, I knew the likelihood of that was very very slim, impossible to be honest.
However, stumbling into the Disney Store in town, I saw him and well, Chip was coming home with me. Honestly, he is so cute and I would rather buy official merchandise then a cheap version.
But look how b-e-a-uuuuutiful he is!
Well there you go, six things I have been obsessing over recently!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


  1. Awwww I'm a little jealous you have a chip mug. I've been searching for one for what feels like months now.

    I also love Biffy! x

    1. Try on the Disney store website, they may have it on there for you! And me too, cannot believe I have only just listened to them! x

  2. OMG, I can't believe you put an ice cream! I've been obsession over their ice cream too, and was going to put it in my favorites. I have to say that I've never tried the mango raspberry before though. It's like putting two of my favorite ice creams into one! I'm still obsessed with your chip cup, it's honestly so cute xxx

    Melina |

    1. Of course I included an ice cream, ice cream is life haha! And oh my gosh, try this flavour, it is sooooooooo nice!!! And Chip is adorable ain't he! x

  3. You managed to get a Chip mug.. that's good you found one in the Disney Store! It's honestly the cutest mug i've ever seen!


  4. Some lovely things here. The chip cup is lush!

    Rachael xox


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