Another day, another lip kit

You will all probably know by now that I love a good lippy. I have had a few bad ones over the years, that I don't regret buying but won't be putting them in my basket anytime soon. However, I have had even more lipsticks that I would buy time and time again!

Earlier this year, I wrote a review on a Makeup Revolution lip kit and honestly, I loved it! I recently discovered Makeup Revolution and their amazing products [shout out to their eyeshadow palettes because they are spot on] so when I found out that their were bringing out more of their lip kits, I was super duper thrilled. And when I seen that they were in a metallic shade, well then, I needed to try that out as well.

So here we are...

Although I am still unsure of the colour and if it suits me or not, for £6, I think it is a good purchase!
It can get a little bit sticky after a while, which can be annoying for some, but the colour does last for a few hours and doesn't fade at all.
Like before, it includes a matching lip liner along with the metallic liquid lipstick and the lip liner is good enough for you could just use that.
The lipstick applicator is easy and soft, making it simple to apply to your lips and it adds a touch of glittery shimmer to your look. Who doesn't love a bit of shimmer like?
Even though I am unsure of the colour on me, personally think that this product is a good value for money and one that you can wear a casual outfit with or dressed up to the nines!
Well there you have it, a lippy for all you metallic lovers out there!
Until next time
All photographs my own! 


  1. Wow I didn't realise Makeup Revolution brought out Metallic versions of their lip kits.. This shade is gorgeous! I think it's such a great deal getting a lip liner and a liquid lipstick for 6 pounds!


    1. Me either until I saw it on their social media accounts! And such a good deal I think, good value for money for sure! x


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