Perfume delights

A sweet smelling post for you all today and it comes in the form of these three perfumes. I don't know about you but I am a sucker for perfumes that come in a cute bottle. The small the better as well as I take mine to work so can't be carrying around a big perfume bottle.

Anyway, because these three come at a bargain price [I mean you could probably already guess what the price friendly shop since I buy everything from there] and they are small [they last a long time though], I thought I would write a post about them, including a little review on their tasty smells.

So get ready for some perfume delights...

Marshmallow Delight
Marshmallow Delight is my favourite out of the three for sure. It is sweet smelling but it honestly smells like a toasted marshmallow and I love the fact that it does. In a pretty pink bottle the smell is pink sugar and raspberry and then you start craving marshmallows! Definitely perfect if you want that Autumnal, cosy scent!
Toffee Apple
As you can probably tell, I am currently using the Toffee Apple one and it smells like autumnal day. It smells earthy in a way with the apple scent but you do get a hint of that sweet caramel once it is set in. This perfume is great is you don't like strong sweet smells as it is subtle but you do get a scent of that delicious bonfire night treat.
Candy Floss Swirl
Last one now and this Candy Floss Swirl one smells sooooooooo goooooooooood. I love anything vanilla, it is my favourite scent ever and this has such a delicate smell in the fact that the vanilla is strong but with the winter berries hint, it is very Christmassy smelling.
Makes me really want some candy floss like mmmmmmmm
And there you go, three perfumes good enough to eat [but please don't haha]
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. Those are so cute and girly!! I love sweet smelling scents like that! Do the scents last long? Xx Jen

    1. Yeah, they last a few hours, the toffee apple is a strong smell so don't need to put too much on but for the price and the scent, they are fabulous! x

  2. Will they release one of this again this November??
    They're my fave !

    1. I wouldn't know, I haven't seen them this year, I must admit! They are my fave too, they smell amazing! x


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