On a cold chilly night

With the nights coming in thick and fast, the leaves falling gently to the floor and the heating on full blast, Autumn is definitely one for long, cosy nights in, with a big hot chocolate and you snuggled into your favourite blanket. They will always be my favourite kinda days.

[I took this photo in August and I am still so proud of it]
Because of this, today's post will give you a couple of ideas on what to do when the daytime is over and night time has arrived.

So on a cold chilly night, you could be...

Doing late night baking
Who doesn't love baking? A chocolate cake, gingerbread biscuits or something else, quick and easy recipes passes the cold wintery nights and gives you a tasty treat at the end of it.
Having a film marathon
I do this on a daily basis but film marathons are great to spend some time with your family, friend, partner or just by yourself as everyone needs a bit of me [you] time.
Appreciating the outside
Not one for those who hates the cold weather but if you don't mind it then going outside for a ten minutes and enjoying the moon and his stars on a clear night makes you appreciate the wonders of life and Earth itself that little bit more.
Read that book
I have gotten into reading lately and I am so glad I have! There is nothing better than reading a good book that just captivates you and your imagination. Whether it is fantasy, murder mystery, romance or a classic, a great story is perfect company on a cold night.
Have a pamper night
Put a face mask on, do your nails and give yourself some you time. Put on some calm music and enjoy your own company whilst relaxing.
Well there you go, a shortish post today but enjoy those cold chilly nights now!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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