Putting things in perspective

So on Friday, I was involved in a car crash. Long story short, my boyfriend and I were on our way to town, waiting to get into the car park which was full [it was Black Friday], we decided to try another car park and when just as he was turning the car around, a bus crashed into us, on his side. That's the simple, less complicated version.

After the initial what the hell has just happened, making sure we were both alright and sorting everything out, it suddenly hit me how lucky we actually were to leave with a few cuts and some soreness. That made me think about everything I have and don't have, highlighting what really matters in life.

It made me put things into perspective...

Don't waste your time on things and people who don't matter and don't deserve you. Things are materialistic, create memories instead. You aren't going to get along with everyone you meet and sometimes you have to let go of someone who is dragging you down to make yourself fly high.
Spend quality time with people you love. Go on spontaneous trips with them, have a laugh, watch loads of films in one day, eat as much as food as you possibly can that you have a food baby. Create memories! It makes you realise all the wonderful things life has to offer.
Do whatever you want and do it now. Study that uni course, tell someone you love them, go and conquer your fears because who knows when it's their last day. Like I said, a bus hit us and if it was going faster, it could have been a lot worse for us so make you think about all the things you have[n't] done. Just do it!
Appreciate the little things in life more. The sound of rain, sun peeping through the trees, the smell of a nice warm hot chocolate, a long hot bubble bath, anything and everything. They make life that bit more splendid.
Tell your parents, partner, friends and family you love them. I know this is a bit cliché but we don't merely say those three words often enough.
It's a shame that we often put things into perspective at times of need or distress but it does help you see clearly as cliché as that may sound.
Until next time
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