You gotta love storage

Another storage post today because who doesn't love storage! I know I certainly do! Everyone needs a place to put things and I am definitely one of those people who needs a lot of space. I am such a hoarder, oops!

Due to a layout change of my bedroom, I had to come up with quick storage to put all of my things left over but I did it and here I am, sharing this with you all.

So here are three things to put things for all you storage lovers...

Plant stand
Now bare with me on this one, alright. You maybe thinking 'what on earth, Caz?' but let me explain.
Plant stands are great for bringing the outdoors inside, especially the one I have in my room. It gives a space for plants, fake or real, to add a little colour and nature to the house.
Moreover, this IKEA plant pot stand, which I got for £20 instead of £30, also can hold some of my many teacups, which gave me an idea to use them as well, but that's the next one.

In the teacups, there are my rings, some keys and other bits n bobs. Not only is it great for a different storage solution but it is a focal point in my bedroom, whilst bringing in some colour.
Coat hangers
Obviously used for clothing, coat hangers are also great for storing other fashion items. Because I had a few of these pretty pastel metallic hangers [Primark, £3 for a set of 5] spare, I thought I would put them to use and use them as a place to hold my thin scarves, bras and necklaces. Not only are they out of the way, but they are all together and easy to get to.
Well, there we have it, I love storage me!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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