Well helloooooo Summer

So summer is finally here -except for the sunny weather of course- and that means one thing, your summer closet.

This blog post will show you my must have items I am currently using/wearing, which are perfect for the summery season and in years to come.

SO here is 'Fashion| Products Perfect for Summer'...

1. And the Champion item is... Dungarees! 

Primark blue floral dungarees, £7,
sizes 6-20

Dungarees can be stylish, smart, casual and comfy. From floral print, denim to a plain colour, they are perfect for a night out, shopping, for a meal with friends and family or to relax in. 

Personally, I accessorise this item with simple, plain earrings and a long chained necklace. This makes the whole outfit less busy but keeping it stylish. If accompanied with a printed top or a plain/patterned shirt, the accessories you wear with dungarees should create a statement.
With a shirt, wear a big, chunky necklace whilst keeping the bag and shoes simple. 

You can be more creative with printed dungarees. Take the £7 blue floral dungarees from Primark, pictured right, this is a perfect little number for summer. If it is multi-coloured then pick one or two colours and base your accessories on them. This is perfect as a summer outfit and that's why its my number one clothing item in my wardrobe.

Find out more about the Primark dungarees at: http://www.primark.com/en/whats-new/article/1687,womens-dungarees 

2. A hint of colour on those nails.

P.S. Nail Varnish, Primark, £1, other
colours available

Now when it comes to painting your nails, this is the perfect opportunity to either keep it simple or be creative. Depending on your outfit choice and what occasion it is for, sticking to one colour on your nails can create a stylish yet a sophisticated and neat look.

If you are feeling adventurous then pick out a theme or multiple colours for each or a few nails, both fingers and toes. For a few ideas you can do, I will write another post showing some of the nail designs I have done.

However do not leave it to the last minute. The nail varnish needs time to dry so do it at least 30minutes-1hour. If you can leave them to dry overnight, I would recommend that.

I recently bought P.S. Nail Polish from Primark for only £1.00, pictured across, and trust me ladies, you cant go wrong with it. Coming in a range of different colours (from blue, pink to red and grey), this is a bargain you don't want to miss out on.

3. Making those eyes go BOOM!

So for this section, I am including two products, not one. Eyeliner and mascara are always a must have make up item for any girl. Both items are by the NO7 range, found at the store Boots.

My first product is eyeliner. Now, whenever I leave the house I always wear eyeliner. For many years I used a normal pencil eyeliner which was just a pain to draw on. It wasn't until last Christmas when my lovely Nanna got me a NO7 Make Up set. The felt tip eyeliner, pictured across, within the set and sold separately as well, was so easy and simple to apply. It literally took me a minute to apply to both eyelids. Available in colours Black and Brown.

Moving onto my second product for making those eyes stand out is mascara. NO7 Exceptional Definition Mascara brush gives a clump free, big volume lashes that makes any eye colour stand out.

Both product complement each other giving your eyes more definition.

4. Making the most of the Sales!

Cath Kidston Sale teacup skirt, from £42
to £30, other patterns available

During the Summer, most shops have a sale on and like most people I love sales. So when I found out that Cath Kidston (CK) was having a sale, I could not resist buying myself something.

Although some CK items are expensive, when they are in the sale I had to have the Teacup patterned skirt. From £42 to £30, this knee length, pocketed skirt is perfect for a summer party, a meal out or going shopping. The skirts design also comes in a number of different patterns and the Teacup design is used on other clothing items.

Look around the highstreet and online for summer sales/deals in any shop to get the best savings on clothes, accessories or make up etc for your seasonal outfits.

For more sale items of Cath Kidston, visit this website: http://www.cathkidston.com/outlet_view-all/dept/fcp-category/list

5. The Little Pale Blue Bag

Marks and Spencer pale blue bag,
was £29.50 now £19 (might have
changed), other colour available

Doing nearly anything, a bag is essential for all of our bits and bobs.  A small bag, such as the Marks and Spencer's faux leather bag seen on the right, is perfect for doing some shopping with, going out with friend, a night out or just for carrying the must haves (phone, keys, I.D., make up etc). Originally £29.50, this stylish bag is now £19 (price subject to change). If you do not like the blue then get the same bag but in pale yellow instead. However, hurry up and get it before they sell out or before the sale ends.

Again look around shops and online to see when the sales are on, to see if the bag you like is on offer.

For more M&S bags, visit this website: http://www.marksandspencer.com/l/women/bags-and-purses

6. A girl cannot have too many shoes, right?

Shoes are obviously a must have for any outfit. The style of shoe changes depending on what you wearing or where you are going to etc. For a nice meal out or a night out in a club you want a comfortable shoe in which you can dance in but that's not hurting your feet.

The ankle-strapped, high heel black shoes, pictured right, are perfect to go with any outfit you put together. From Primark and costing only £10, this bargain buy keeps your whole look stylish, so they are perfect for going out in as they are comfortable to walk in. If you are wearing a patterned dress/top or even a plain one, this pair of shoes go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, keeping the outfit on trend.

7. You can keep your hat on

When the sun is out and you are chilling in your garden or going out shopping etc, a hat is the perfect accessory to complete any outfit. A white hat, like the £8 F&F at Tesco's one seen across, makes the outfit summery and stylish. A simple one coloured hat is perfect if you are wearing something in which has colour or a pattern on it. It tones down the outfit but does not lose the sophisticated look.

Hats with ribbons/material around them are also one of my must haves. They create a summery vibe to any clothes and accessories but keeping that 'girl next door' look.

Look on the high street to give you an idea on what type/style of hat suits your face shape and keep an eye out for it if you see one you like. Who knows, it could be in the sale!

So there you have it, my summer items for your wardrobe. I hope you have liked some of the products shown and if you do buy them or something similar then send me a picture or comment below.

Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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