My weird hobby no. 5

It's been a long time coming this post like but I am so so so so sooooo excited to share it with all. For those who don't know or who haven't read my previous posts about this subject, I collect coins. That is my weird hobby. I am a proud coin collector.

Since I published number four of this series, it has grown quite a bit since our last encounter.
Like before, I will include what the coin design is for and separate them into categories [£2, 50ps, London Olympic 50ps and complete sets], to make it easier for you. It will only include the coins I have acquired since the last time I posted so if you want to see all my other coins, then check out my previous posts!

So get ready for my weird hobby no. 5...

Beijing to London Olympic Handover [2008]
400yr Anniversary of King James' Bible [2011]
Shakespeare Tragedies [2016]
Celbrating Sir Isaac Newton [2017]
250th Anniversary of Royal Botanic Gardens [2009] [Copy coin] - The real coin is one of the rarest [if not the rarest] coin as there's only 200,000 [I think] or so of them in circulation, so getting your hands on a real one is hard, so I am buzzing that I have one of these, it's my favourite design of any coin, even mine is just a copy. -

T-B, L-R:
Tom Kitten
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Benjamin Bunny
Mr. Jeremy Fisher
[All 2017]
London Olympic 50ps
T-B, -L-R:
Tennis, Cycyling
Weight Lifting, Volleyball
Rowing, Goalball
[All 2011]
10ps [New collection]
This is the new 10p range, representing what makes Britain great, with the letters of the alphabet, A-Z. There are 26 in total, I have half.
T-B, L-R:
E for English Breakfast
B for Bond, R for Robin, J for Jubilee, Q for Queue
C for Cricket, K for King Arthur, F for Fish n Chips
G for GMT, V for Villages, P for Postbox, Z for Zebra Crossing
H for Houses of Parliament
[ALL 2018]
Finished sets
These are the coins that are for a particular thing [to celebrate something most likely], and they make a set. The set can be made up of any amount of coins, here are the two I have completed.

This three piece coin set is to celebrate Shakespeare and his work, with each of them representing his work [Comedies, Tragedies, Histories].

The final complete set is this 50p Peter Rabbit collection, celebrating the much loved author Beatrix Potter. They were created as a way to celebrate the 150year of her birth. Fun fact: they are the first of children's literature to feature on UK coins.
And there we go, I have a whopping £102.30 in my collection now and that makes me so damn happy!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I collect coins too :D it's so satisfying and I am well jealous of your new 10p collection!!!! I've only found 3 so far I think :( xo

    1. It is so much fun isn't it! Someone I went to scgool with collects them and he finds them really easy to find because of the job he does so he managed to find all my 10ps, haven't found any myself! Hope you manage to find them all! x


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