Reasons to smile in May

May had a number of reasons why I smiled. The Royal Wedding [how beautiful was it though], both Ryan's and Mum's birthday and me watching the cherry blossom fall gently to the ground, it was a wonderful month to say the least!

However, here are the five things that made me smile the most during this past month so get ready for a lil trip away, my cute plant that hopefully I won't kill, a five hour long craft project I did, amongst two other things.

So here are my reasons to smile in May...

Doris me plant
How cute is this lil one though??? I bought this at work for £2 as I couldn't resist buying her. Doris is super duper adorable though so everyone pray to the plant gods that I don't kill her pleeease!
A stay in Durham
Like I stated in the post's intro, it was Ryan's birthday month so because I had a week off work, I stayed at his house for a week and a bit. It was so nice to spend some time with him and to just chill, since the next time I see him will be for my brother's wedding in early June so that'll be hectic! His friend popped up from down south for a few days too so it was nice to finally meet him and for him and Ryan to hang out!

Usually not one for sunshine, I have to admit, but so far the weather has been kinda crappy this year so I am definitely not complaining about the sun recently. It's nice to go outside and relax with friends and enjoy the surroundings.
Bridesmaids dress fitting
Finally tried on my bridesmaids dress for Andrew's wedding in a few weeks time and I love it. Even though I tried on the wrong dress [she gave me another bridesmaids one oops], I loved the style and the lovely pink colour so I am even more excited for the big day now! We couldn't take photos of the dress at the request of Natalie [the bride] so hence the pink cherry blossom to match the pink bridesmaid dress!
Handmade cushion
Five hours and a lot of pricking myself with the needle later and I created this patchwork cushion all by myself. No templates to help, no sewing machine, just me sitting on my bed making this. This cushion is going to go on my new double bed once I manage to get it and I am going to make another one but for my first attempt, I am so pleased with how it turned out.
And there we have it, what a lovely month May turned out to be.
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I'm not usually one for the sunshine either, I'm way more of an autumn/winter person than a summer gal. Saying that, I think like you I'd totally appreciate the sun if it came out in Melbourne at the moment, just because it's been so cold.

    Julia //

    1. Definitely cannot wait for Autumn to arrive, it's my favourite season along with Spring! And hope you got some sunshine! x


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