A cold day trip to Whitby

So last week on a cold, wintery day, Ryan and I went to Whitby, one of my favourite places to visit. Due to the fact he hasn't been before [god knows how because it is wonderful], we had a lil' day trip there and well, it was a trip to remember.

Because I had a splendid time and I hope he did too, I thought I would just do a small post today, mainly photographs, on our time in the seaside town!

So here was our day trip to Whitby...

After Ryan accidently dropped his iPhone into the sea [yep, that really did happen], we had a wander round the streets and up to the famous Whitby Abbey. Those views will never ever get old! The steps, however, will kill me one day haha

Then we had a lovely hot chocolate at Sherlock's, one of my favourite cafes as it is themed with everything Sherlock Holmes, and is located on the side without the Abbey if anyone wants to go, and after, we had a lovely stroll down the harbour, into the amusement arcades and to the end of the pier.
It was blooming freezing but the views were worth it!

And of course, you cannot go to Whitby without getting fish n chips so we stuffed our faces with the deliciousness!
And there you have it, a lovely day trip to one of my favourite places! At least Ryan will remember his first time there like, oops haha!
Until tomorrow

All photographs are my own


  1. Oh no, I hope Ryan's phone was okay! I've never heard of the Sherlock Holmes café, it sounds so cute and fun. Usually everyone in Whitby rushes to The Magpie but I'll have to check Sherlock's out next time x

    Lyd, whatlyddid com

    1. Unfortunately, his phone is at the bottom of the sea but he is sorting out a replacement luckily! And it is amazing, so cosy and the food is awesome! x


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