A most perfect Christmassy weekend

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I spent our very first Christmas together. After Ryan picked us up from home, we headed towards his house on the Friday to celebrate our Christmas.

Because I love this festive period and I wanted to make our first Christmas special, I thought it would be a lovely idea to do the things that makes this one of the most wonderful times of the year.

From putting up his tree, opening the presents we bought each other to cooking Christmas dinner and pulling a few crackers, it was definitely lovely. Perfect, in fact. Due to this, I am sharing those three days with you all!

Get ready for a most perfect Christmassy weekend...

After having a chill Friday night watching some Christmas films [of course], Saturday was non stop festive fun! Blasting Christmas songs and wearing our festive big jumpers, it was time to put up Ryan's black tree [don't ask, it was his parents haha]! Think we did a pretty good job to be honest!
Time to exchange gifts and honestly I was so flipping buzzing to see Ryan open his, I love watching people open their presents, it fills me with so much joy!
I was over the actual moon when I opened mine. Even though I already knew what he got me, it still made my heart just skip a beat. Look at how cute Beast is in pop vinyl form and can we appreciate how amazing Primark's Cogsworth is?!

Then we spent the next two hours trying to cook Christmas dinner! After seriously underestimating how long the veggies would take in the oven, it was so damn worth it, like we nailed that dinner, and there was enough for tea too [I didn't eat all of that on the plate in one go, split it into lunch and tea haha]
Ending the Saturday watching some more Christmas films and Star Wars because Ryan is such a fanboy over it, of course we went to see the latest SW film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
Now, I won't do a review because even though I like the franchise, I'm not much of a fangirl so feel wrong writing one. However, I will say that it was sooooo much better than I expected and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it!
And there you go, what a splendid way to celebrate our first Christmas together aww!
Until tomorrow
All photographs are my own


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