A Slimming Christmas

A couple of months ago, my friend Loz and I joined Slimming World. Determined to lose more weight than I already have, I am really enjoying it as SW is a lot different than I thought it would be. I can still have the food I love, but in proportion, and it is making me try new flavours and food combinations, which I really enjoy.

However, Christmas time is often very hard, tomorrow is going to be painful, I mean who can say no to chocolate, sweets and Christmas dinner [drools]. Because of this, I am writing this post as a little 'don't give up' style motivation to conquer the festive period and all of its delicious treats! I have got this!!!

So here is to having a Slimming Christmas...

  1. You have done so well so far, yeah a few things have gotten in your way, but you know you can do this and get through the Christmas period.
  2. Treat yourself but keep it in proportion. Don't forget you are allowed treats but you are limited to how much you can eat of them. If you spread it out over the day, you won't have any problems with cravings.
  3. Super foods and Free foods are your best friends. Christmas dinner is the one and you've been waiting all year to smother your face in Yorkshire puddings and gravy but make sure you put a heap full of vegetables on that plate too!
  4. Make this Christmas as colourful as possible. Greens, reds, yellows, oranges, add a splash of colourful foods to your meals and snacks!
  5. Believe in yourself. Only you have the will power to resist temptations of the festive period. You have completely, absolutely, positivity got this! Kick Christmas in it's chocolate butt!
And there you go, a little pep talk for all you on Slimming World or on any diet for that matter!
Until tomorrow for the last Blogmas post of 2017
All photographs are my own


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