An autumnally festive makeover

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or know me personally, then you will know how I have dyed my hair a deep darkish red. I adore dying my hair different colours, from bright pink and blue to ginger, it just makes me happy and it a way of me expressing myself.

Due to the spontaneous dying of the hair and me buying two new Makeup Revolution products [there was an offer in Superdrug okaaaay], I thought I would mess about a bit and create a little makeup look that is perfect for this beautiful season.

So here is an autumnally festive makeover...


Revolution Life on the Dance Floor Party eyeshadow palette, Superdrug, £10
Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kits Matte Majesty, Superdrug, £6
I adore these two products. For starters that palette is insane, just look at them colours! And they even have a mustardy one so I am in heaven, thank youuuuu Makeup Revolution!!!I have starred the three shades I used to create this orangey, firey look with a hint of gold since it is Christmas and you have to have gold!
The lip colour is a deep purple, with a hint of red in there, and just screams Autumn! The application was good, although needed a second coating as the first was a bit patchy, and it does dry in seconds. The only thing is is that when it is dry, it does feel like it is cracking and over time it does so always take it with you so you can reapply!
I am proper loving this overall, it just looks really cute and pretty, perfect if you are going on a Christmas do with work or a lovely meal with family, friends or your partner!  
Along with my firey red hair and this makeup look, think I am slaying Autumn to be fair!
And there you go, a festive makeup look that is just so very autumnal!
See you tomorrow
All photographs are my own


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