Do I smell christmas cookies?

I blooming love candles me. They are one of life greatest things and if you are anything like me, you will have loves of them and just sit and smell their goodness.

At Christmas time, I receive sooo many candles as presents that I actually am in candle heaven! However, there is one candle I get every year [except this year, you will soon find out] and it just smells so utterly divine so I am going to share the sweet scent with you!

Get ready to smell some Christmas cookies but in candle form...

This is one of my favourite candles ever. My favourite scent in anything is vanilla, some might say its boring but I think it is the best! This Yankee candle smells of freshly naked cookies [hence the name], with a buttery vanilla scent.
It is a sweet smell so maybe not one for those who don't like that kind of scent but honestly, I cannot stop sniffing this candle, it smells sooooo damn goooooooood!
There we go, a candle that just smells of Christmas.
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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