Sweet smell of gingerbread

Doing quite well with Blogmas this year like, go me! Today's festive post is all about that delicious wintery treat but not as we know it! Who doesn't love a gingerbread man [or five], dipped in a cuppa or hot chocolate, one of the best things about Christmas.

However, this treat isn't edible, noooo, but it definitely gets in you in the mood to eat five gingerbread men and in the festive spirit. Let me introduce you to this Naughty or Spice perfume.

Get ready for the sweet smell of gingerbread...

I blooming love this scent. Not normally one for ginger smells, don't really like it, however this smells amazing!
Coming in at £2 from Primark [of course], you can really smell the gingerbread but it isn't overpowering at all.
You know when you bake a gingerbread man in the oven and the house just starts smelling of it, that is what this delicious perfume smells like. Exactly that.
Can we also just appreciate the cute design on the bottle and the perfume's name, love a good play on words me!
There you go, a scent perfect for Christmas!
See you tomorrow
All photographs are my own


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