As the leaves fall

Next up for Blogmas, I have a little outfit post for you all. I love the autumn fashion season. Warm fluffy socks, big oversized jumpers, mustard coloured everything, you cannot beat it.

Whether it is walking around town or the park, seeing the leaves fall and the festive spirit edge that little bit closer, I do love a shirt/pinafore combo like! This outfit is one of my go tos during this period of the year. It is comfy, funky and brings in a pop of colour to a cold, chilly day!

So as the leaves fall, the pinafores come out...

Coat- M&S, £57 in sale
Shirt- Primark, £5 in sale
Pinafore- Primark, £10 (I think)
Tights- Primark, came in a set of 3 or 5
Boots- Primark, £16 (I think)
I looooooooooooove this outfit so much.
One, it is so comfy to wear.
Two, I adore the colours in this. From the mustard [my faaave] and berry red to the hints of gold in the pinafore and the bottle green coat, they are warm, earthy colours, perfect for this season! And with the warmth of the eye makeup, it just screams autumn to me!
Three, the style of the shirt is pretty fabulous. Doesn't have a collar, the sleeves are massive [and I mean maaaaaaassive] and flarey and the colour is bold, holding onto the sunshine for that bit longer!
Four, I blooming love pinafore dresses like a lot a lot and this floral one is definitely one of my favourites! It is so cute and dainty, I love it!
Well there you go, an outfit perfect the most wonderful season!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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