Globetrotters| North Pole

It has been a while since I have first published one of these posts. What was suppose to be a monthly series, where I pick a place randomly on my pink and silver globe and tell you all a bit about it, has took a back seat for a few months now. My bad!

However, I am determined to get things up and running again with my Globetrotters series so here we are. First up we had Jiamusi, a city in China and now we are going to explore Santa's hometown, the North Pole. It is just a small, quick post as I am busy today!

So get that backpack packed and ready to go as we are off to the North Pole...

  • The North Pole is the most northernmost point on the planet and is opposite and slightly warmer than the South Pole [obviously]
  • Polar bears, arctic foxes and ringed seals live there
  • No country owns the North Pole and the Arctic Ocean surrounding it.
  • And, of course, Santa Claus' workshop and home is there... Obviously!
Well there you have it, hopefully it wont be eight months for the next one!
Until next time

All photographs are my own


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