Oh Mickey, you're so fine

It's so bad  you blow my mind, hey Mickey! Now that I have got that off me chest, on with today's post! As you can probably tell, it is about Mickey, no not the Mickey from that Cyndi Lauper song but a famous mouse that we all know and love. Mickey Mouse of course! As well as his love, Minnie Mouse.

Primark have been absolutely, positively been nailing it on the Disney front recently, like honestly thank you Primark! Now, if you are like me and a sucker for all things Disney, then there is the place to be, especially if you love a good mug. Let me expand.

Here is why Mickey is so fine...


Now these aren't mine but a friend of mine.
However I couldn't resist not doing a little post on these beauties on my blog because they are so adorable! Even the packaging is lovely with the print on the box like yesssssssss!
Ok so for £5 each, these are a bargain, I saw a similar mug on the Disney Store website for £12.99 and now the Primark one seems class. To be honest, they are good value for money!
They are a good size, perfect for a late night snuggled in a blanket, watching a film with a nice hot chocolate size mug. I love how the names are on the inside as well, that's a cute touch, and the handles are a nice size and shape to hold.
The iconic short and skirt, with the cute lil' handle, this cup is perfect for those Disney lovers!
And there you have it, thank you Primark for your adorable Disney range!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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