Four things I love about Autumn

Autumn, ahhhh my favourite season of the year. With the crisp cold air settling in, hot chocolate galore and the late dark nights, you cannot beat this time of year.

So here are my four things I love about my favourite season...

You cannot beat a dark night, sitting on the sofa, pretending to be a burrito in a warm cosy blanket, with a nice hot chocolate, watching your favourite film! It also means that the moon is brighter and bigger, the stars are shining and I am in my happy place!
Oranges, mustards, reds, dark greens, browns, it is such a beautifully colourful season. Walking around my local park and through it's woods, it is just stunning seeing all of the array of colours in the leaves
Big, cosy jumpers are the way forward during these next few months and I loooooooooove a jumper [or ten]. Paired with black jeans, ankle boots and a badass red lippy, it is time to get them jumpers outta your wardrobes!
My favourite day of the year, like isn't Halloween just the best?! From dressing up, decorating the house, eating as many sweets as you possibly can, going trick or treating [I still can as sometimes I go with my little niece and nephew wooo], watching scary films [not so scary in my case] or going out to a spooky party, it is just the best day of the year!
And there you go, roll on Autumn, I am totally ready for you!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I am loving the colours of autumn when I'm out and about at the moment. And an excuse to buy lots of candles for cosy nights in too x

    1. Me too, they are so pretty and make me so happy! And I am the same, candles are life haha! x


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