The Hauntingly Dead

First of hopefully three Halloween posts for you this October and its all about the day of the dead. In 2010, I actually visited Mexico during October half term (the last week of the month) and they celebrate the Day of The Dead on 31st Oct to 1st Nov, if I remember correctly.

It was beautiful to see the decorations but also nice to remember those who aren't with us anymore. Stepping from my usual witch costumes, this year I thought I would do something different and well, here is a traditional Day of the Dead look I have created!

It's so nice to be hauntingly dead...

What you will need:
Eye shadow colour of your choice [I chose a pinky red as it went with my flower crown]
White, black and two other colour face paints [other colour should go with your eye shadow]
Eyeliner [I used black but a funky colour would look class, I am going to use green or purple for the spooky day, Halloween instead]
Old brushes for the face paint [I used a foundation, eye shadow and thin eyebrow brushes]
A mirror obviously haha
What to do now:
1. With your selected eye shadow, draw a big-ish circle around your eyes and eyebrows. It should come onto your cheek slightly. Fill it in with the colour.
2. Now take your black face paint and fill in your eyebrow, your eye lids, under your eyes and a slither of your nose, blending it in with the eye shadow when you get to the outer corner of your eye.
3. With your white face paint, well, paint your face as well as part of your neck!
4. Taking your other face paint colour, create a scalloped edge around the circle around the eyes, taking care when it comes painting them on your nose as it's a fussy thing! With the other colour paint, draw between the scalloped edge and eye makeup. If you wanted to, you can always go around the edge of the scallops for a more defined look.
4. To create the patterns on your forehead, chin, jawline and cheek bones, draw random swirly lines, flowers or a spider's web, whatever really, and paint a teardrop shape on the tip of your nose.
5. Draw two lines going from your cheek to your lips. The draw however many vertical lines you want on your lips and the two lines you've just draw. If you want, using the eye shadow you used, you can put this on your lips to.
6. Carefully put on your top and put on you funky flower crown and you are ready to go be spookily fabulous!
And the finished look...

I love how funky this looks and how simple it is to create. It doesn't matter if it isn't perfect because it is all about having fun with the design and with makeup and its many colours!
Yeah, it might take a bit more time that the usual witches or cat makeup but it creates a spooky, colourful look for the best day of the year!
And there you go, a hauntingly dead makeup look to kick of this Halloween series on me blog!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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