I'm a notebookaholic

Hello, my name is Caroline and I am a notebookaholic. There, I said it! I, like many, am obsessed with buying pretty notebooks because you cannot have too many in your life, right?

For years, they have just been laying around my bedroom, me having no clue what to use them for, especially since graduating uni [uni was my excuse to buying them in the first place oops]. Earlier this year, I decided to finally put them to use [some, I mean some of them] [ok like four of them] and I thought I would share what I use them for on here, with sneak peaks of what's in them because why not!

Welcome to four of my notebook collection...

The Little Notebook of Very Underappreciated Things
A notebook of the little things in life we often forget about in times of sadness.
I write/read this when I am feeling crap and it reminds me of the good in life that are often underappreciated.

Things that make me happy notebook
Like the previous notebook, I read this when I am sad as this is filled with things that make me happy in life.

Films I need to watch notebook
I absolutely love having a film marathon but normally watch the same trilogy or films every time!
I have sooo many films I want to watch so thought instead of trying to remember them all, I would have a notebook just for them!

Songs that make me happy notebook
Music is one of the things in life that without it, it would be a very boring place.
Over the years, we have had some cracking songs out so here is my notebook purely for songs that make me happy [or sad] but mostly happy!

Well there you have it, four notebooks finally put to use!
About time to be honest!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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