Purses for an Enchanted Rose

If you hadn't guessed it yet with all the posts I've been publishing recently about it, I am a maaaaaaaaaassive Beauty and the Beast fan, like it is my favourite Disney film and one of my favourite films ever.

So when Primark announced they were releasing a special range of BATB items, well I died a little inside, thank youuuuuuu Primark!

Their most popular item in the collection being that adorable £5 Chip mug and even though I haven't managed to pick one up, I do have people looking for me [thanks guys!] but they have brought out some other absolute beauties. With the Mrs Potts teapot and money box and some other things in the perfect range coming out later this month/year, I did manage to pick up these three adorable purses that were definitely on the top of my list!

Cast your eyes on these beauties...

CHIP, £4
Chip was the first purse I managed to buy and look how cute he is awwwwwwwww!
I just adore his little smile and his details and for a fiver, you can't go wrong!
The second purse I managed to find and Mrs Potts has got to be one of my fave characters and she is just so adorable!
From how cute the details are with her face and lid to how they have created her teapot shape, I love her so very much!
Hands down was buzzzzing when I saw this beauty in my local Primark, Lumiere and Cogsworth [the clock] are my favourite characters in this much loved film so when I saw Lumiere, I had to get him!
I mean, look at his cheeky face!
And there we go, three purses fit for a princess!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


  1. I am not entirely sure I would carry these anywhere but Disney parks, but I still want them! I really wish we had a Primark in the US where I live, I would spend all of my money there! Plus, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies! So cute!


    1. Oh I am not using them, they are on my bookshelf haha! I wish you had more Primark's over there, everywhere needs a Primark :) x


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