Happy 9th Birthday Clotpole

Today marks a day that made me believe in magic again. Throwback to a normal September night in 2008, BBC One was about to air a very special TV show, that would grow to be a very much loved international show. The show's name... Merlin!

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know how much this show means to me. Let me just say it got me out of a very very dark place. During it's five series and 65 amazing episodes, we went on adventures with Merlin, played by my love, Colin Morgan, and Prince [later King] Arthur, played by Bradley James!

Filled with laughter, jumps and pure happiness, here are my favourite episode from each series.

Are you ready for this magical adventure?

Ep 1: The Dragon's Call
Plot: A teenage Merlin arrives in Camelot, where magic is banned by King Uther, Arthur's father. At a sorcerer's execution, the condemned man's mother, also a sorcerer, vows revenge against Uther, a son for a son. As Merlin keeps a low profile, he discovers the Great Dragon, who tells him he must protect Arthur. With this, does the warlock save the prince from the evil sorcerer?
Of course the first ever episode of my love is my favourite of series one! I mean, what a way to kick off the show! Guest appearance from Eve Myles, who plays the condemned man's mother-sorcerer, is amazingggg in it and the plot focuses on how Merlin becomes Arthur's manservant. What a way to start the Arthurian legend!
Ep 7: The Witchfinder
Plot: When someone catches Merlin practicing magic, a witch finder is brought to Camelot to find the sorcerer. The witchfinder accuses Merlin of being the culprit but when Gaius, Merlin's friend and mentor, takes the fall for him, can the warlock save him from being executed?
I first remember watching this episode in 2009 and just shouting at Merlin for his stupidity, like why would you practicing magic in a place where magic is banned! Anyway, Charles Dance's performance as the witch finder scares the hell out of me, he is sooooo perfect in the intense role! Its an episode where we see how strong Merlin/Gaius' friendship is and how they would do anything for each other in order to keep them safe!
Ep 3: Goblin's Gold
Plot: A goblin is on the loose, thanks to Merlin, and makes trouble for the kingdom whilst having an obsession with all things gold! However, when the creature takes control over Gaius, mayhem follows and it is up the Merlin to sort out the mess he has made!
This is my favourite ever ever episode. It is so funny and I love Gaius in this ep, more so than usual, he was hilarious. The things the goblin gets up to and does to the people of Camelot is honestly some of the funniest things I have ever seen in this show. All I am saying is these two words: donkey ears!
Ep 6: A Servant of Two Masters
Plot: When Merlin falls at Morgana's [she was the king's ward and Merlin/Arthur's friend until she turned into a badass sorcerer], she turns the warlock into a deadly assassin, with one purpose. To kill Arthur Pendragon. Of course, Arthur is a dollophead and completely oblivious to this so it is up to Gaius and Gwen [Morgana's former servant and Arthur's love interest], to stop Merlin from killing his friend!
The reason I love this episode is because of the character development of Merlin and Morgana. It was so good to watch Merlin turn to the dark side under Morgana's enchantment and see him be sneaky, evil and sassy when it comes to killing Arthur. When it comes to Morgana, this episode highlights how far she will actually go to get the crown from Arthur. Like the goblin episode, it is such a funny episode and it is hilarious to watch Merlin's attempt in killing his friend.
Ep 6: Dark Tower
Plot: When Gwen is kidnapped by Morgana and placed in the Dark Tower, where Morgana uses a mandrake root to torture her former servant. As Arthur, Merlin and the knights of Camelot, set out to rescue Gwen and go on an adventure. However, when they do rescue her, not all is as it seems with our innocent Gwen.
The final series was so intense and I cried so hard at the last eve episode. However, ep 6 is definitely my favourite out of the 13 because I love how it focuses on Gwen, Morgana's evil plot in taking Arthur and Camelot down but also how much Arthur loves Gwen and would do anything to save her. The character development as well as the sense of adventure, makes it one of my favourites but it does scare the crap out of me!
And there we have it, my love, my fave, my Merlin!
Happy 9th Birthday you clotpole!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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