The bitterly sweet smell of Halloween

Halloween is my favourite day of the year, there is no doubt about it. From carving pumpkins, going trick or treating to getting dressed up and scaring friends/family, it is such a fabulous spooky day and I love it.

Ok so it might only be September still but with a month [well just over] to go until the spootaculous day, I have a small post today and it is all about making people fall in love with your deadly scent, courtesy of Primark, no less.

One should enter if one is ready for the bitterly sweet smell of Halloween...

How class are these though, like I had to buy them both because they are both so funky.
'Slay' has a citrusy scent whereas the 'Witch Please' scent is more sweet in smell yet still got a hint of fruitiness and also has a green tint, which makes it look like a wicked potion from a witches' cauldron.
With the Halloween design on the bottles and the fruity smell of both perfumes, for two quid, even Dracula will get up for these!
Well there you go, I am so ready for Halloween now!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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