It's beginning to look a lot like Disney

Ok ok, I know this is a Christmas post but just bare with me because there is a reason as to why I am publishing this now in September.

Primark have just been nailing it recently with their Disney range. From their clothing and accessories to home and sleepwear, I want everything so when I found out that they were releasing some funky Disney baubles for the festive holidays, well, I neeeeeeeeeeded them in my life.

Due to the fact I actually managed to buy some [two for me, the other two for a friend] and because they have just been released recently, I am publishing this now in case anyone wants them, so they have a better chance of actually finding them and buying them!

Ready for a festive post in September? Yeah, me too...

The first two are the baubles for my friend and the last two are mine!
OLAF, £5
How fabulous are these for a fiver each?! I love how the Olaf, Chip/Mrs Potts and Tinkerbell ones have glitter in the bauble and the Belle one has rose petals in to keep with it's flower theme!
These huge baubles are also plastic so don't worry if you have little ones or are prone to have the odd bauble fall of the Christmas tree!
So I bought the Beauty and The Beast bauble first as I knew these would be popular and I didn't want to miss out on their cuteness. However, my friend messaged me asking if I could get her any of the Disney baubles and the Frozen and Tinkerbell ones were the only ones in still! Thank god I bought them when I did, I really don't think these are going to last on the shelves long!
Pretty sure Primark are also bringing out sets of 4 Disney baubles but I haven't seen any of them yet in my local one.
And there you go, I don't care if it is only September still, everyone needs some Disney baubles in their life!
Until next time
All photographs are my own


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