Why I love myself

Ok so the post title may make you think 'Caz, isn't that slightly big headed like calm down' but no, I do love myself. After years of hating the body and life I was in, I am starting to love my flaws/negativity and it feels amazing.

I am not a cocky person, never have and never will be, and I don't go around boasting about myself and saying 'ooo look at me', I am the complete and utter opposite to that. But I have realised how good it feels sharing achievements and celebrating them with people. Sometimes you do have to boast a little, even if it is waaaaaaaaay out of your comfort zone.

Due to this, I am here with a list of things I have achieved in my almost 23 years of existence but also why I have finally started to love myself.

And here we go...

  1. I have recently worked out that I have lost just over 4 stone in the past 2 years, not intentionally but just by changing my outlook on life, and looking back to how I was to how I am now, can safely say I am starting to feel like me again. I still have a long way to go but everything has been worth it.
  2. For the past 6 months, I have been employed and it feels great knowing that someone wants to employ me and that I am starting to get myself out there and earn some money!
  3. For years I was bullied for they way I was and my appearance but I am damn proud of me
  4. During university, I got articles and photographs published online and in newspapers [If you didn't know, I studied journalism]
  5. Speaking of which, I graduated in that very uni course I hated and it was one of the best days of my life.
  6. I used to shy away from the camera as I thought I was this ugly, fat girl who would just ruin the picture but now I am embracing my curvy body and owning it.
  7. I overcame my fear of being judge. Like many I was scared and nervous to leave the house and became paranoid everyone was talking and looking at me but no more, talk about me alllll you like, I don't care!
  8. Clothing has always been a huge struggle for me. I wanted to express myself and wear cute, pretty dresses and skirts etc but felt I wasn't worth it. These past couple of years have shown me that I am and that I can wear whatever I want because it is my body.
  9. Being single for your whole life doesn't matter, that time will come and hopefully that wait will be worth it.
  10. Dance and sing around your bedroom, cry over a fictional character's death, obsess over a 30 year old actor who doesn't know you exist, wear florally skirts, dye your hair wonderful colours and buy loads more flowers even though you don't need them and have no where to put them. These are some of the things that makes me, me and I ain't ashamed of being me anymore.
And there you have it! Basically, just be yourself and own it because at the end of the day, you are a fabulous human being who shouldn't hid who they truly are.
Until next time
All photographs are my own

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