Exploring Bath (Part Two)

Part two now in the three part Bath travel series, read part one here. The last two days were so much fun! Sightseeing some more, meeting up with family and unfortunately leaving, it was an eventful trip!

So here is 'Exploring Bath (Part Two)'...



We meet up with some family we hadn't seen in a few years and it was so lovely. After having a delicious meal at Giraffe for lunch, we looked around the shops and just had a nice catch up on everyone's lives!
After they had to go back home, we found a really cute bridge with some shops along it, with a seagull photobombing me picture!
Then mother and I decided to go and see the Roman Baths as it was highly recommended that we go and explore this landmark. To see it in person and seeing the beauty of the building and of the baths themselves, it was breath taking how it is still there since Roman times. And I am glad we did, what a lovely way to end off our trip to Bath!


Last day now and we both really didn't want to leave this city!
For the last few hours we had, we visited Bath Aqua Glass to see how they make their pretty products! Watching them take a round piece of glass then transforming it into a vase was so fascinating to see! The reason behind me desperately wanting to go to this was because in third year of uni, I had to edit a piece about this in my broadcast module and I found it so intriguing. I didn't know this when we went but you can actually make your own bauble and I was so sad that I couldn't do it but next time for sure!
Then we got some food for the train journey home, headed to collect our luggage and made our way to the train station to go home!
I just absolutely loved this city. From the shops/landmarks and meeting families to sightseeing and trying amazing food, it was the most perfect four days.
Keep your eyes peeled for the fashion post!
Until next time
All photographs are my own!


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