Let's talk about today

Day twenty one in the GG blog challenge and I am currently sat at my bureau wondering what to put about today's post.

We have to post something that we liked and disliked today! Now I am posting this earlier because I am busy today so that is why it is up at this time!

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Twenty One)'...

What I liked:
Waking up this morning after a perfect night's sleep, grabbed my breakfast of porridge and banana and opened my bedroom window and there it is. Autumn is on its way. The leaves are slowly changing colour and ever so gently falling to the ground and it is getting to the cold weather of my favourite season.

Also I tried out my new Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever eye palette today and I absolutely love it!

I am also going to a friend's house to dye her hair and watch films with some of my favourite people so I am so excited!
What I disliked:
I hate the fact that I have still got this cold, like why cant you go away now pleaseeee, but I will get over it as outside is making me happy so it is alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll goooooooooooooood!
What about you guys?
Until next time
All photographs my own!


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