A memory I hold most dear

Almost the end of this GG blog challenge and it is so sad! I have been really enjoying it and cannot believe how fast it has gone!

The penultimate post now and it is all about our memories but one that we think about a lot.

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Twenty Nine)'...

When my grandpa died in 2003, that's when my whole world kinda fell apart. My mum and dad split and got divorced, my dad turned to alcohol, I started to get bullied at school and by my own brother and my grandma was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
It is safe to say that my life kinda sucked for a decade since that year.
However, I knew there were people who had it sooooo much worse than me and so because of this, I remember all the good times before all the crap times. When we were a family. When we went to Scarborough to visit my grandpa and grandma. When we eat a meal at the kitchen table as a family.
Those are all the times I thought about a lot, until recently.
I finally released that those happy memories were just that. Memories.
In no way shape or form will they ever be real again.
Yeah, that makes me sad but just having them memories is all that matters.
I can cherish them and treasure them and more importantly remember them.
There you go, memories I think about a lot!
See you tomorrow for the final blog challenge post!
All photographs my own!


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