I want to meet a warlock

Can this month just slow down a bit please?! Going far too fast for my liking!
Anyway, day nineteen of the GG blog challenge and this one is by far one of my favourites in this. There are a lot of people I would love to meet. Actors Christian Bale, Peter Capaldi, actresses Jenna Coleman and Emma Stone and I am not even going to mention the whole cast of Merlin... I think I would die if that ever happened.

However, there is one person who automatically springs to my mind, putting a huge smile on my face as I am typing this post out. My Irish Charm.

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging Challenge (Day Twenty)'...

Now if you know me or follow me on any social media account then you will know I am totally in love with Colin Morgan. He is my favourite all time actor.
Can we all talk for a minute and appreciate him please?!
From his breakthrough starring role as the title character in BBC's hit drama show Merlin, his A* performance in crime drama The Fall to his film roles in the Testament of Youth and Legend, he is an actor who can ACTUALLY act. Rare these days, I know!
I own nearly all of the shows and films he has been in so far and that are available on DVD!
Minus TV show The Living and The Dead and the film The Huntsman: Winter's War.
I also have a phone case with him on as Merlin, aka the greatest warlock to ever walk the earth!
If I ever met him I think I would cry then faint then cry some more then faint some more and then after the initial shock, tell him how much he has made me happy.
Words cannot describe how much he has helped me through these past few years. It has been 7/8 years since he burst into my life as my dream man Jethro Cane in an episode of Doctor Who. Then he landed the role of Merlin and well, I haven't looked back since.
I, as well as thousands more, are so grateful for him (his geekiness, cheekbones, jawbones, the lot!)
So thank you, Colin and who knows, maybe one day hey?!
See you tomorrow
All photographs are my own!


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