In 10 years time...

Two weeks in and fourteen posts done and published!!!!!! WOOOOOO!

It is all about where us GG members see ourselves in 10 years. Now a lot can happen in a decade, I mean this is a hugeeee amount of time! But we shall do it!

So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Fourteen)'...

I thought it would just be easier to do a few bullet points instead of just paragraphs:
I want to have a success career in design. I would love to be the person who designs magazine pages and the photographs or work in a cake shop because I love baking and how fun would it be?!
Loveeeee to have my own little house somewhere filled with bunting and pastel coloured miss matched furniture!
A little doggy called Betty, a cavapoo!
Hopefully have a boyfriend.... Hello!!!
Be able to drive and have my own car!
Have met Colin Morgan at least once and tell him how amazing he is!
To have travelled most of the world
Have seen all of Audrey Hepburn's films
And to be happy with myself and my life!
Well there you have it, you knows what the future holds for us!
Until next time


  1. Ahhh a house with pastel mismatched furniture?! Love, love, love it :) xx

    Effi |


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