Exploring Bath (Part Three)

Well the final part of the Bath travel series now! Read parts one and two here.

This is going to be a straight forward fashion post today to show you what I wore for this wonderful trip!

So here is 'Exploring Bath (Part Three)'...

Jeans- Primark, £17
Top- M&S, I cannot remember the price but it was in the sale
Cardigan- Matalan, £12
Shoes- Primark, £6
Location- The Comet Sweepers sculptor
I love mustard. Anything that is this colour and its clothing, it is coming home with me!
These embroidered jeans are one of my favourite pieces I have in my wardrobe, I am a sucker for anything embroidered!
Paired with the mustard lace top and plain buttoned cardi, it is a bold look due to the strong colour but such a summery outfit!
Shame it was sunny on the day haha!
Top - Primark, £5
Skirt- Laura Ashley, £26
Shoes- Primark, £6
Location- Royal Crescesnt
I told you I was a sucker for embroidered. This purple floral skirt is so pretty, I can't!
In the sale at Laura Ashley, I bought this with some graduation money my mum gave me so of course I was bringing it to Bath.
Paired with a plain white top, with flared sleeves, and white shoes, it is a simple look but I didn't want to take away from that gorgeous skirt!
Fun in the sun!
Top- M&S, £18 (I think, sale)
Shoes- Primark, £6
Location- Roman Baths
Aaaaaaahhhhh vintage/retro clothing. Just cannot get enough of it!
This car patterned skirt is on of my favourite I own but never been brave enough to wear the bold print! However, I am glad I did! The amount of people who kept on coming up to me and saying how pretty it was and how I looked really makes me quite emotional. I have never had that before!
Lovely people of Bath, thank you!
Matched with this cute Peter Pan collared top, it is a throwback and I love it!
Skirt- Primark, £12
Tights- Primark, £5 (I think for a pack of three or something)
Shoes- Primark, £6

Location - The Pump Rooms
Ok I know I know I need to sop with all of this embroidered things but I just cannot help it ok?!?!?! Help me!!!!!
I really like this outfit, from the colours in the denim skirt to the turtle neck.
I mean who doesn't love a good turtle neck!
Again a simple outfit but it is stylish and perfect for summer with the floral aspect.
Flower power indeed!
Well there you have it, the end of a blog post and the end of a fabulous first trip to Bath. 
Until next time
All photographs are my own!

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