The time I accidently broke my oven

Right, before we get onto today's post, I just want to take a moment to remember 9/11. It doesn't seem two minutes when I was watching the attack on the news, horrified and scared for all those people affected.
15 years later. 2 buildings. 1 city. 2,977 innocent people died. Never forget.

Can you believe it is almost two weeks into September?!?!?!?! How fast does this month want to go!? Anywayyyyy, today's GG challenge post is about food (yessssssss) but the worse meal/experience you have had. How very interesting!

Cause of the problem!
So here is '#TheGirlGang Blogging challenge (Day Eleven)'...

Ok so this is the story where I blow up my oven. Yep, you read that right!
It was one day at lunch time and I was having salmon because salmon is life. Literally turned on the oven, obviously let it heat up and as soon as I closed the door after I put my salmon in, sparks flew. I literally thought the house was a goner.
This was about two years ago perhaps and to this day, I don't even know what happened but it's fine because we have a new kitchen therefore a new oven, that I haven't broken yet!
At least my salmon tasted good though! That is the main thing!
That and not killing everyone in the house because of the oven!
So there we have it, the time I blew up an oven because I wanted some salmon!
Until next time


  1. OMG I can't believe you blew up your oven! I'm glad you're all right and that you have a nice new oven so hopefully that doesn't happen again but that's so crazy. I remember in college the dorms caught fire because someone was cooking and had a grease fire take over and burn down half the dorm! The salmon looks delicious though and I also love eating fish! Especially when it's fresh. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. I know right?! I still cannot believe it to this day, oops! And my gosh, that's crazy too! Glad no one was hurt! x


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